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SRS Care provides home care and community support throughout the Staffordshire region. Their small team of 15 carers work tirelessly, supporting elderly and vulnerable individuals with getting up/going to bed, personal care, meal preparation, medication, stoma care, catheter care, shopping, cleaning and much more. They also provide care for service users with dementia, physical disabilities, learning difficulties, autism and brain injuries.

In 2014, SRS Care began their journey with iCareHealth starting with the implementation of iCareHealth’s Home Care Software, Business Manager. Since then, SRS have grown with iCareHealth and adopted iCareHealth’s mobile solution Mobile Care Worker,and more recently iCareHealth’s latest Home Care tool Mobile Assessments.

We interviewed Penny Wootton, SRS Care’s Staff Development Co-ordinator to find out how Mobile Assessments is benefitting their business.

What were your challenges before Mobile Assessments:

“Before using Mobile Assessments, we were having to handwrite new service user assessments and then having to type them up when we came into the office. Having iCareHealth’s Mobile Assessments tool means we can do it all at the service users home through a tablet, saving us a lot of time and effort. Also, it has enabled us to keep our records and assessments up to date a lot easier.”

How did you find the Mobile Assessments implementation process?

“Before we started to make the forms, we had a meeting with the management team and planned out how we wanted the forms to look online. After it was all planned out I proceeded to begin making the forms. I found it very straightforward and was able to change and tweak forms even after they had been completed.”

Penny (pictured right) with the team at SRS Care.

How has Mobile Assessments helped in improving efficiencies?

“The mobile assessments application has made it easier for us in the office, as it saves us a lot of time. They have also helped our staff, as it means they can access up-to-date assessments from their phones before they have even entered the property. This helps reduces more risks happening.”

The team at SRS Care have fully adopted technology; making it the backbone of their business. This not only saves them time when it comes to paperwork, but also helps to evidence the great care they are providing to their service users. Sometimes it can be difficult liaising with the care team when they are out on visits, but iCareHealth’s Home Care solutions have helped to improve these communication channels and transparency within the team.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with SRS Care and we look forward to a long relationship with them moving forward.

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