Overcoming key industry challenges

Residential and nursing care home staff work incredibly hard to ensure the continued health and wellbeing of care home residents. However, the challenges to those who specialise in providing high quality care are becoming increasingly complex.

Our ageing population is growing rapidly, and the number of people requiring complex care and support services is increasing. Along with the impact of demographic changes, persistent challenges stem from funding constraints, compliance requirements, workforce pressures and operating costs.

As a result, many care home organisations will face unprecedented pressure in delivering consistent, high quality care outcomes for their residents.

Technology that enriches the care home experience for staff and residents.

iCareHealth’s Care Home Management solution makes it possible for nursing and residential care home providers to overcome the burden of industry challenges by improving efficiency, productivity, and the quality of care outcomes.

iCareHealth’s Care Home Management solution comprises Care and Clinical, Electronic Medication Management and Staff and Home software, which streamlines every aspect of care, clinical and medication management. The solution is configurable and scalable to accommodate care and nursing home organisations of all sizes and models.

What’s possible with complete Care Home Management?

Improve efficiencies and care outcomes:

  • Electronic care plans that support person-centred resident care and ensure services are tailored appropriately to the individual.
  • Daily notes that allow staff to easily record and access up-to-date information associated with residents’ conditions, treatment and care.
  • Tools that simplify daily charting observations and assessments of residents.
  • Automated shift reports that prioritise information and actions between staff handovers.
  • Built-in messaging functionality to streamline communications with pharmacy.
  • Tools to manage stock and inventory audits, drug disposal and medication recording.


Reduce administration tasks and increase staff productivity:

  • Highly proficient staff rotas that consider staff availability, leave, experience, qualifications and skills.
  • Automated time and attendance monitoring that records when care workers log in and out of a shift.
  • Simplified invoicing and payroll functionality that automatically calculates hours and gross pay based on predetermined requirements.


Enhance compliance and corporate governance:

  • Standard and customisable reports that provide accurate monitoring of the processes, trends and performance impacting compliance.
  • Alerts and warnings to help staff comply with the highest standard of medication administration procedures.
  • Bar code scanning that ensures the right person is given the right drug, in the right dose, at the right time.
  • A centralised system that stores and consolidates critical information about each care worker such as care worker registrations, licenses, certifications, Criminal Records Bureau checks, in addition to other date-specific events such as meetings, reviews and birthdays.


Reduce medication errors and risks:

  • Electronic medication administration records that improve safety and quality of resident care.
  • A detailed history of administered PRN medications that integrates with daily notes and staff handover reports.

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Working to improve the lives of care providers and the people they care for. Expert in the requirements in Care Home and Pharmacy sectors.

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Working to improve the lives of care providers and the people they care for. Expert in the requirements in Care Home and Pharmacy sectors.

01440 766400