Overcoming key industry challenges

Pharmacies working with residential and nursing care home staff, know they work incredibly hard to ensure the continued health and well being of care home residents. However, the challenges to care homes who specialise in providing high quality care are becoming increasingly complex. When pharmacies support the use of Medication Management systems in care homes, both parties benefit through more efficient and safer medication administration.

It’s key that Pharmacies understand the pressures care homes are currently under.

Our ageing population is growing rapidly, and the number of people requiring complex care and support services is increasing. Along with the impact of demographic changes, persistent challenges stem from funding constraints, compliance requirements, workforce pressures and operating costs.

As a result, many care home organisations will face unprecedented pressure in delivering consistent, high quality care outcomes for their residents.

Technology that enriches the care home experience for staff and residents.

iCareHealth’s Pharmacy Provider solutions makes it possible for nursing and residential care home providers to overcome the burden of industry challenges by improving efficiency, productivity, and the quality of care outcomes.

iCareHealth’s Pharmacy Provider offerings are made up of Medication Management, Care and Clinical, Mobile Point of Care, and Learning Management solutions.  Pharmacies can pick and choose which solutions they offer their care home clients and most lead with our Medication Management solution.  All solutions  integrate seamlessly to deliver improved business outcomes and quality of life for service users. The complete solution is configurable and scalable to accommodate organisations of all sizes and models.

What’s Possible with the Medication Management Solution?

Improved efficiencies between pharmacies and care homes.


Electronic medication administration records (eMAR) are providing care home facilities and pharmacies with the increased capacity to manage residents’ medication needs. iCareHealth Electronic Medication Management software supports eMAR functionality to produce an electronic record for each resident, and captures important information in real time, at the point of administration. Comprehensive medication records for residents can then be shared electronically between the care home and pharmacy, contributing significantly to a reduction in preventable errors, and improvements in the safety and quality of resident care.

The software also seamlessly integrates with your patient medication record (PMR) systems, enabling a single data entry point to be utilised for these processes. A single source of information works to improve efficiencies, while reducing the risk of dispensing errors that can occur with multiple entries.

With software that supports an evidence-based approach to medication management, you will also have greater flexibility to tailor medication management solutions for the care home’s residents – whether that is via a multi-compartment compliance aids (MCA) or original medication packaging.

Pharmacy Messaging System

Electronic Medication Management software enhances the flow of communications between the pharmacy and the care home with a dedicated pharmacy messaging system. From day-to-day messages, through to the intricate reordering of medications, all communications between pharmacy and care home staff can occur online within a single system. The status of messages can be tracked and escalated, while all communications are securely recorded and auditable.

Streamlining the communications process between the pharmacy and care home promotes greater client collaboration and retention, and importantly, increases the quality of care that is delivered to residents.

Stock Inventory Management

Electronic Medication Management also streamlines inventory management with tools designed to help your clients provide safer, more effective care for their residents. These user-friendly online tools are key enablers for improving transparency between pharmacy staff and the care home, and in ensuring required medications are always in stock. Rapid access to an electronic stock file assists with simplified management of medication stock levels and stock audits, medication records and drug disposal.

Source Additional Revenue Streams

While aiming to improve the day-to-day safety of residents and satisfaction of clients, Electronic Medication Management can also provide pharmacies with opportunities for new revenue streams, without the need to significantly increase overhead costs.

The software centralises information pertaining to residents’ medications, providing amplified clarity across the medication management procedures within each care home – a vital benefit as regulations and reporting guidelines become more stringent. The integrated structure of the software enables this information to be shared securely with pharmacies, providing you with opportunities to expand and deliver premium services that will support service differentiation.

iCareHealth’s Electronic Management software provides pharmacies with the capacity to impart pharmaceutical expertise to care homes that will help them improve medication management, achieve greater compliance and increase the quality of care.

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