From day one, you’ll have access to iCareHealth’s professional services, implementation and training consultants, a friendly support team, helpful resources, user forums and a Help Desk to ensure a smooth transition and your ongoing success.

Software implementation, second to none

What are the secrets behind our award-winning implementation process? There are three.

1. Best practice project and change management principles.
2. Simple and efficient action plans, tracked and managed regularly
3. Clear and open communication with our clients

Above all, we realise that your highest priority is to provide unwavering, exceptional care and we never lose sight of this. It is our highest priority to ensure minimal disruption to your delivery of care throughout the software implementation process.

Planning for success

A smooth implementation of iCareHealth software is made possible by ensuring each implementation phase has a clear set of goals and outcomes. Each phase is managed carefully ensuring consistent communication with the client’s project team and identified stakeholders.

No two care providers are the same in the way they work so prior to starting the software implementation, our team conducts in-depth research to gain an accurate understanding of your organisation. This research focuses on business objectives and processes, workflow management practices, staff management and administration, as well as existing technologies.

With these valuable insights, we develop a comprehensive Implementation Planning Study, which is tailored exclusively for your organisation. The study enables us to highlight any possible risks and challenges, recommendations, opportunities, success factors, key milestones and proposed critical paths for the project.

Delivered on time, on budget

For iCareHealth, minimal disruption means that we strive to complete software implementations on time and on budget. Over the past 10 years, we have successfully set up our software systems for a satisfied client base of social care providers across UK. We have developed an impeccable reputation of observing the tightest budgets and time frames, while delivering the highest level of service. Our approach is both flexible and scalable, and we have the skills and resources to effectively guide any social care provider through the implementation process, across both small and large operations.

Training based on your organisation’s needs

iCareHealth provides much more than software. We’re committed to offering you and your team the highest quality training and ongoing guidance and support – from computer basics right through to using the most powerful features of our products.

Leading with a change management approach

One of the greatest challenges associated with the implementation of new technology is the fear of change from the staff member’s point of view. We understand that to successfully facilitate change, a dedicated change management approach with appropriate communication, training and ongoing support for staff is essential.

To help your team embrace technology enhancements and achieve goals quickly and easily, our approachable implementation and training consultants conduct staff surveys in order to determine IT literacy and competency as well as gain an understanding of staff expectations.

Whether your staff members are experienced computer users, beginners, or somewhere in between, you can be sure that iCareHealth has the necessary skills and experience to provide a fully customised training  solution to your organisation.

Staff computer skills and competencies

For computer novices, iCareHealth can assist with early learning guides that help develop competency and confidence in computer basics, prior to software training. While those with higher levels of computer literacy can move immediately onto our highly successful ‘Train the Trainer’ program. At the close of the program, these staff members will be equipped with the necessary skills to deliver training to others within your organisation.

Our approach to delivering training and change management has been tried and tested, with a satisfied client base made up of hundreds of social care providers across the UK.

Friendly, comprehensive support

A core value of iCareHealth is to provide quality experiences for our clients. This is why our experienced and friendly support team are standing by to help, anytime you need it.

We understand that in this industry, you often work beyond standard business hours. For this reason, the iCareHealth Help Desk is available for clients from 7.00am until 7.00pm, Monday to Friday and 9.00am until 2.00pm on Saturday. To ensure clients are updated on the status of the support request, clients are regularly informed throughout process and once the issue is resolved, they receive confirmation of closure.

If support is not required urgently, clients can also submit a support request to the iCareHealth Help Desk via email or an online form, and a member of our support team will respond as quickly as possible.