Mobile Point of Care has arrived!

Spend More Time Delivering Quality Care to Residents

  • End-to- Digital Care Recording

  • Simple Recording of Notes and ADL Task Completion

  • Real Time Updates

  • Clear Reminders at the Point of Care

  • Secure, Controlled Usage


Staff often say they don’t have enough time to do everything they need to do. Mobile Point of Care can save so much time and can give carers access to the information they need on the spot.”

Sue Crisp, Deputy Manager

Paxton Hall, UK

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More About Mobile Point of Care

Increase your homes’ efficiencies and reduce costs, ensuring staff remain efficient and business overheads are kept low.  Because information is logged in real-time, at the point of delivery, the need for paper, transcribing and duplicate entry is eliminated.

Staff are able to log completion of common daily actions, like a resident’s water in-take, at the touch of a button. Mobile Point of Care creates greater efficiencies so carers can get on with the job they love and all resident information is synced automatically and securely.

The Mobile Point of Care App is part of an end-to-end solution, so any information pertaining to tasks, assessments, charts and medications will also be automatically updated in a resident’s daily notes to save staff additional time on administration by reducing the duplication of information.

A complete electronic health record in conjunction with our Care and Clinical software, helps care providers achieve accurate, high quality resident documentation, which leads to reduced risks and improved care outcomes for residents.

With iCareHealth Mobile Point of Care App, care staff can record daily charting observations in real time and for multiple residents at a time.

A key driver of actionable data, Mobile Point of Care captures care tasks in real-time and synchronises with the Care and Clinical system, encouraging evidence-based care planning. With less administration and paperwork to complete, your care staff will have significantly more time to care for residents.

Improve the quality of time carers spend with residents in an inclusive care environment.  Resident’s family and those listed on the care plan are updated in real-time as to the resident’s well being. Well-being and ill-being are monitored and the appropriate actions taken to reduce any stress a resident may have and to make the handover carer more aware of the resident’s needs at the time.

Carers are more empowered to care and less rushed because they no longer are required to transcribe their notes back on to the system.

Carers are restricted to work related tasks during their shifts so there are no issues around inappropriate use of devices during working hours.

Mobile Point of Care enables evidencing care delivery and compliance with continuous monitoring against CQC standards.

Rich data capture gives you the ability to report more easily and be able to understand a service users needs based on trends and moods over time. Real-time care updates mean that management has access to information, related to quality of care delivery ensuring everything is done on time, and nothing is missed.

Reports for CQC evidencing can be produced at a touch of a button. Key evidence data points are easily produced in easy to read reporting format, saving you time preparing for inspections.

Staff and carers are happy with the Mobile Point of Care App because it is so intuitive to use and they can view, audit and record care, at point of delivery without having to sit at a desk. Our easy to use and customisable drop-down menus and button selects, make it as simple to use as your smartphone.

Staff spend more time on the job they love, connecting with residents.

Perfect for monitoring and recording the care necessary for persistent, long-lasting conditions.  Mobile Point of Care makes it easier to input similar tasks and therefore gives the Resident more quality care contact time.

Transfer data securely with our ISO accredited information security management system. Secure screen lock is available, when device is not in use.

Controlled Usage and access to non-care related activities and the application is secure, even in the bring your own device environment (BYOD).

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