Online Care and Staff

Online Care and Staff software is a user-friendly online portal that delivers enhanced visibility by providing care workers and services users instant access to relevant information, as they need it.

Online Care and Staff Product Features

User-friendly portal that improves communication and visibility for end-users and staff.

Visits Review

Provide care workers and services users with access to essential visit information, where and when they need it.

Personal Budget

Deliver superior visibility to service users over their personal budgets, statements and accounts.

Care Requests

Deliver personalised care based on the individual’s needs.

Service User Messaging

Eliminate arduous administrative tasks by allowing service users to communicate messages online.

Schedule Access and Flexibility

Allow staff to easily access, review and request changes to their schedules online.

Holiday Requests

Automate care workers’ holiday and leave requests to improve workplace efficiencies.

Staff Messaging

Streamline outgoing communications with the ability to send automated messages to care workers.

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Reduce Costs of Running Your Home Care Business

Actions Managers Can Take Today

With the National Living Wage regulations now in place, Home and Domiciliary Care companies need to make sure they’re managing workers’ hours and staffing expenses efficiently.

In the following article our Social Care Software Specialists, outline key practices Care Managers and owners can implement to start improving the way they run their businesses today.

More Features of Online Care and Staff

iCareHealth Online Care and Staff software has the capacity to securely store comprehensive visit information, and provide care workers and service users with access to the information associated with each visit.

With a modern, user-friendly interface, the software allows both care workers and service users to easily track, review and update their scheduled visits – all within a single, electronic system. The technology contributes to continuity of care and service user’s experience by informing them of the care worker who will be delivering the care, ahead of the visit.

Service users’ families and care advocates can also easily access the information associated with visits and care workers online, providing them with extra reassurance in the level of care and services they are receiving from your staff.

With a significant move towards person-centred care, it is essential for care providers to invest in technology that give service users a greater voice in the decisions that affect their own lives, and the care services they receive.

iCareHealth Online Care and Staff’s personal budget management feature has been developed to provide service users with an easy way to view personal statements, accounts and self-directed budgets, in order to help them make more informed decisions in the planning of their care services. This information is completely secured and always available in real time, for service users’ families and advocates also.

The individual needs of services users are constantly evolving. iCareHealth Online Care and Staff has been developed to provide care providers with a simple, efficient way of managing individual care requests of each service user.

With the Online Care and Staff portal, service users, their families and advocates can easily submit requests for visits or send messages to care providers. Services users can also cancel scheduled visits, using the online communication tool.

Online Care and Staff software supports the growth of your business through streamlined care service ordering, a reduction in administrative tasks and increased service user satisfaction.

iCareHealth promotes two-way communication between service users and care providers, which is why Online Care and Staff incorporates an innovative messaging feature designed to enhance communication channels.

Online Care and Staff comprises a completely audited messaging service that allows service users to directly communicate with your organisation, whenever they need to. The feature is clear and simple for both clients and care workers to use, and there is no requirement to engage a third-party messaging system such as an email or SMS account.

For ease of reporting, all messages exchanged within the online portal are securely captured and the message trails are automatically audited. Online Care and Health will also support your organisation’s goal to increase efficiencies by reducing administration and excessive phone calls to care managers and coordinators.

iCareHealth Online Care and Staff features online rota access that enables care workers and staff to remotely access, review and request to make changes to their schedules online.

Any change that is made to care workers’ availability becomes effective immediately, providing care managers with a real time and accurate view of staff availability.

This functionality eliminates the need for costly paper-based forms and timesheets, and will improve staff management and productivity by reducing phone calls between care managers, coordinators and workers.

With iCareHeath Online Care and Staff’s holiday requests feature, care workers can request holidays and other leave, within the online portal. Holiday requests can also easily be accepted and declined by approved managers, resulting in less administration, paperwork and phone calls for care managers and coordinators.

An easy-to-use tool for effectively managing staff holidays and absences, Online Care and Staff also provides a clear and concise overview of care workers’ rosters, while highlighting any conflicts in staff holiday requests to minimise the risk of staff shortages.

An additional messaging feature within iCareHealth Online Care and Staff software has been developed to streamline communication between care managers, coordinators, workers, assistants and other staff members.

Online Care and Staff enables messages to be sent and stored from within the portal. Care managers will also have the flexibility to schedule and automate the messages sent to care workers’ system accounts with a complete audit trail of correspondence. Care workers can also respond and send messages from within the same online portal, leading to greater accountability across the organisation.