Mobile Care Worker

Mobile Care Worker software presents home and domiciliary care providers with greater flexibility to manage and connect with care workers, while ensuring person-centred care is delivered at every visit.

“Our residents know that with Mobile Care Worker, they have a continuation of service, that everybody knows exactly what’s going on and if there is an issue, it’s dealt with there and then and everyone including relatives are informed.

Sarah Millican, Manager
Trafford Housing Trust, UK

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Mobile Care Worker Product Features

Interfaces with our other home care software to create a comprehensive GPS mobile solution.

Real-Time Monitoring

Schedule, change and monitor care worker visits in real time.

Care Plan Updates

Provide care workers with mobile access to the most up-to-date care plan information to ensure the delivery of optimal care.

Location ID

See the location of your care workers at any time, with intelligent location technology.

Alerts and Messaging

Reduce administration costs with online alerts and messaging functionality.

Route Planning

Improve efficiency by helping your care workers to find visit locations with ease.

Real-Time Schedule Updates

Distribute essential information to care workers in the field, quickly and effectively.

Lone Worker

Comply with industry regulations by ensuring the safety of care workers at all times.

Outcomes Logging

Ensure that each care worker delivers the highest level of personalised care during each visit.

NFC Technology

Mobile care worker supports the latest NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

More Features of Mobile Care Worker

Using a personal mobile device, care workers can use iCareHealth Mobile Care Worker software to start a visit, record the details and outcomes of that visit, and then end the visit. The visit information is immediately captured in Business Manager, providing care managers with immediate visit information that will lead to enhanced decision making.

Features of Mobile Care Worker software include GPS tracking to provide real-time monitoring of care workers’ locations and visit attendance. With this functionality, care managers can verify that a care worker is within acceptable proximity of the required location to deliver the right care, and determine the most effective course of action if visits are delayed or entry is refused.

With iCareHealth Mobile Care Worker, managing changes to care plans is made simple, with no additional paper work or phone calls required. Our intelligent software will update care plans to reflect changes, and deliver these updates and other relevant care plan information to care workers’ mobile devices as soon as changes are made in the Business Manager software.

The care plan updates feature ensures that care workers in the field have access to the most up-to-date care plans in order to provide personalised and accurate care for each service user.

iCareHealth Mobile Care Worker’s location ID feature provides tools to easily manage and monitor care workers.

The system uses GPS, WiFi and other sources of triangulation to determine the location of a care worker quickly and easily. The accuracy of this information is recorded within Business Manager, for audit purposes, when required..

Mobile Care Worker is also invaluable when it comes to improving lone worker protection. During an emergency, Business Manager points to the location of care workers and also determines the location of nearby care workers that can be called upon to assist.

iCareHealth Mobile Care Worker software ensures comprehensive service user information is available to care workers via their mobile device. This includes access to helpful information about a service user’s residence or location and contact details at the touch of a button.

Using sophisticated GPS navigation technology, Mobile Care Worker also provides care workers with a map of the visit location, as well as directions on how to get there using efficient route planning maps.

In the event that a care worker misplaces their mobile device, the Mobile Care Worker system can be remotely deactivated; sensitive information is not cached on the device, but in any event the device is also password protected.

iCareHealth Mobile Care Worker provides care workers with access to a wealth of relevant information to ensure the delivery of highly personalised, premier care.

Incorporating task management software, Mobile Care Worker enables staff to initiate new tasks and outcomes based on the latest care plan updates and requests from service users, using their mobile device.

Mobile Care Worker also prompts care workers to electronically check off their assigned tasks and achieved outcomes during each visit, in addition to gaining satisfaction approval from the service user in the form of an electronic signature.

With a shift towards person-centred care, it is essential that care providers capture this data in an effective way in order to provide evidence-based reports and develop improvements in services and care.

With iCareHealth Mobile Care Worker, managing updates to schedules no longer has to be a tedious, paper-based task.

Our software allows care workers to stay accurately informed by receiving information about schedule updates, in real time and while on the go. Mobile Care Worker distributes updates and other relevant information to care workers’ mobile devices, as soon as changes are made within the central Business Manager system.

With real-time schedule updates, it is also possible for care managers and coordinators to allocate and offer visits to care workers, while care workers can choose to accept or reject the shift offer on their mobile device. All rosters are automatically updated to reflect the new shift changes, with no additional paper work or phone calls required.

Developed in accordance with compliance standards, iCareHealth Mobile Care Worker’s powerful alarm offers increased safeguards for lone workers during times of emergency.

Should a care worker require immediate assistance, they can raise an alarm from the device that is delivered to care management and coordinators. The care worker’s approximate location is recorded, while text messages, emails and phone calls can be sent until the care worker and client receive the necessary assistance.

iCareHealth Mobile Care Worker has been developed to offer efficient alternatives to managing teams of care workers, while reinforcing the quality of care delivered by your organisation.

With the alerts and messaging feature, care managers are notified when care workers check in to a client visit too early, too late or from a location that is considered too far from the correct address.

Mobile Care Worker also makes it easy to send alerts, notes and other messages to care workers’ mobile devices while they’re working in the field. For management and coordinators, this signifies the end of manual messaging systems that drive up printing, postage and phone calls costs.

NFC offers a secure, fast and easy way of logging visit attendance from inside the service user’s home. NFC is less intrusive than landline call monitoring and allows workers to focus on service users and their care needs from point of entry to the home.

A tag is assigned to a service user and placed securely inside the home. The worker then scans over the tag on arrival and departure using their mobile device to evidence the time and duration of a visit. The visit information is then processed and presented for invoicing and stored for reporting and audit purposes.

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