Mobile Assessments

Mobile Assessments presents both care workers and supervisors with real-time, secure access to customer’s assessment data. Information can be recorded during the initial visit with the customer. Updates to assessment templates are available immediately to Care Workers.

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Mobile Assessments Product Features

Interfaces with our other home care software to create a comprehensive Assessment Tool

Real Time Updates

Changes and amendments to assessment templates are available in real time to Care Workers. Any data recorded by Care Workers within Mobile Assessments is transmitted in real time back to the office for action/review.

Simple and intuitive

Design forms using a simple and intuitive forms designer, enabling care workers to capture data as easily as possible.

Secure, Controlled usage

Control access to specific assessments and ensure all customer’s personal data is secure.


By capturing assessment information once, the risk of misinterpretation of data during double entry is eliminated. Removing paper means that the risk of information falling into the wrong hands is greatly reduced.

iCareMeds software enables complete electronic records of each medication that is administered to residents.

Using iCareMeds, care staff can easily document medication administration, along with other observations that are logged in a clear and accurate audit trail.

The software produces an eMAR that ensures that medications are not missed, as an alert prompts the user if a medication hasn’t been administered and a reason must be entered to prevent gaps on the MAR sheet.

The extensive benefits of eMAR functionality contribute to a significant reduction in errors, increasing compliance, as well as the time taken by staff to complete medication rounds.

iCareHealth iCareMeds software can either be implemented as a stand-alone module, or as an integral part of iCareHealth’s suite of Care Home solutions.

By linking care home facilities and social care organisations with pharmacies within a single electronic system, iCareMeds software provides a transparent route for all non-urgent communications.

With a feature dedicated to pharmacy messaging, Electronic Medication Management enables care staff to send online messages to pharmacies or even notify a pharmacist of a changed medication or new order.

iCareMeds also helps to accelerate the outcome of enquiries and requests by tracking the status of sent messages, so a staff member knows when the message has been received by the pharmacist.

To assist ease of medication reporting, the software also provides a comprehensive audit trail of all communications including notes and other records that may contribute to non-compliance.

CareHealth Electronic Medication Management software centralises information throughout the complete care management system, in order to increase visibility across medication management processes, trends and reporting.

The software enables medication reports to be generated instantly, based on the most up-to-date information. With both standard and customisable medication reports that highlight medication errors, missed medications, administered PRN medications and more, our solution helps to safeguard against risks and ensure compliance of your organisation’s medication management procedures.