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Software designed to deliver efficiencies across the entire scope of home and domiciliary care. Features include rostering, invoicing and pay, routing and mileage, staff management, report generators, attendance monitoring, and more.

““iCareHealth has given us back the time to do all of our other tasks that we just didn’t have time for before.”
Marie Oxley, Team Manager.

Marie Oxley, Team Manager
North Lincolnshire Council, UK 

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Business Manager Product Features

Enabling Home Care Agencies to provide continuously superior, person-centred care.


Flexible scheduling software that saves care managers valuable time by reducing the administrative responsibilities associated with staff rostering.

Invoicing and Payroll

Software that simplifies the management of invoicing and payroll to increase accuracy and reduce the time spent on administration.

Travel and Mileage

Accurately calculate care workers’ travel routes to reduce overall mileage costs.

Assessments and Forms Management

Achieve greater compliance with streamlined assessment form processes and reporting.

HMRC National Minimum and Living Wage Modules

Inbuilt compliance checks to help ensure NMW and NLW compliance.

Actions and Alerts

Improve care compliance with automated actions and alerts.

Skills, Capabilities and Training

Improve compliance and care outcomes with pre-emptive management of staff certifications.

Reablement Planning

Improve quality of service with software that lets you cater for service users who require short-term support.

Management Reporting and Report Designer

Enhanced management and reporting tools to help your organisation achieve improved compliance and care outcomes.

Staff Management

Improve organisation-wide visibility by simplifying administration and management processes.


Organisation-wide software that is robust, scalable and ensures transparency across the entire business.

Electronic Call Monitoring

Automated monitoring features that help to improve productivity and increase efficiency.

Cloud Capability

Cloud capability to meet requirements of small and large organisations.

More Features of Business Manager

iCareHealth Business Manager software is a complete home care management system. It incorporates intelligent scheduling software that provides care managers with a comprehensive overview of service user and care worker information for the purpose of improving the efficiency of support.

With iCareHealth Business Manager, users either manually or automatically allocate the most appropriate care worker to service user, based on an extensive list of critical factors such as the staff availability, location, travel requirements, continuity of care, experience, qualifications, skills, and importantly, the individual care needs and preferences of the service user. This allows an organisation to deliver more efficient and personalised care, therefore driving improved outcomes for the service user.

iCareHealth Business Manager also allows care managers to proactively monitor and respond to rostering changes such as sick leave and unplanned holiday leave, quickly and easily.

Invoice generation is a standard feature within iCareHeath Business Manager software, which further improves accuracy of information and reduces the need for manual invoicing.

Depending on business processes, staff and care workers’ hours and gross pay can be automatically calculated based on the full range of payroll requirements including multi-worker contract management, thereby reducing excessive administration and payroll costs.

Business Manager also provides a standard interface to approved, third party accounting solutions.

For coordinators, iCareHealth Business Manager software removes the burden associated with calculating staff mileage and auditing mileage claims.

iCareHealth Business Manager’s mileage management feature measures the distance covered by care workers during each shift (to within 10 metres) and calculates mileage claims automatically, ensuring accurate mileage and cost calculation.

iCareHealth Business Manager’s travel planning functionality also calculates the most efficient route for care workers to take for each shift in order to help improve rostering efficiencies and further reduce unnecessary expenses and costs.

Business Manager has inbuilt NMW and NLW compliance checks to help assist providers in ensuring they are paying workers the NMW and NLW. These checks take into account the national minimum wage rules including travel time, breaks, enhanced rates, training time and more.

Our solution checks workers’ pay over a pay reference period in relation to these rules and highlights incidents where pay would fall below NMW and NLW. Top ups can then be applied before pay is run, reducing the risks associated with non-compliance including fines, prosecutions and being named by the BIS.

iCareHealth Business Manager software features an Assessment & Forms editor, designed to eliminate the excessive paper-based documentation typically associated with social care documentation.

With easy to use functionality, care managers can design and complete customised, electronic forms and assessments for historical tracking and reporting purposes. By standardising assessments and forms, more detailed statistical reporting and analytics from across the organisation can be delivered, as required. Also for ease of reporting, the information within forms and assessments is electronically captured and an automatic flow of this data is made available throughout the care management system in real time.

iCareHealth Business Manager software securely stores various information about care workers within a single, electronic system. By centralising the management of all staff information, care managers will have improved visibility access to the insights they need, when they need it.

The resource management software assists in the management of staff with components dedicated to personal details, history files, incident reporting, grievances, holiday, absence management, contracts and other mandatory reporting. This information can then be used to generate comprehensive business intelligence reports for more effective compliance management, as well as care quality improvement.

With iCareHealth Business Manager, there is an easy and effective way to ensure care workers’ registrations, licences and qualifications are always valid.

Business Manager enables care managers to actively monitor the important dates and information relevant to individual care workers’ registrations, licenses, qualifications, certifications, meetings and reviews, as well as any other date-specific events such as birthdays.

By centralising the management of all staff training records in a single electronic system, care managers will have improved visibility across staff training requirements.

iCareHealth Business Manager’s reablement planning feature offers care providers ways to simplify processes for delivering short-term care to a new service user. While you help new service users to recover skills, confidence and independence, our software will help you efficiently take care of the associated administrative tasks.

iCareHealth Business Manager enables care managers to easily and quickly deliver initial assessments, forms and multiple reablement care plans that are tailored to the temporary service user. The software also assists in the management of reablement funding as well as the efficient allocation of service contracts.

iCareHealth Business Manager software offers users an array of actions and alerts and warnings to help to ensure home care organisation effectively comply with the safest operational procedures.

This feature ensures against missed tasks with alerts and advanced reminders that provide sufficient time to complete the necessary actions. Processes can also be established where actions and alerts can be sent to specific contacts and escalated to the appropriate person when not actioned as appropriate.

iCareHealth Business Manager software gives care managers access to a wide range of reporting tools, including useful dashboards, that allow you to accurately monitor performance across the organisation in real time, and generate customised reports based on your requirements.

Business Manager’s reporting feature allows authorised users to view data and reports on various criteria such as finances, performance, standardised management, Care Quality Commission compliance, and more. Select what data you require, then simply click to transform that data into powerful reports that you can easily analyse and use for better decision making.

iCareHealth Business Manager also eliminates the need for unproductive manual updates and paper-based timesheets within your organisation.

Our Electronic Call Monitoring software will automatically update visit information in central system, based on caller line identification, time and duration. By capturing this information electronically, care managers can easily monitor and review the attendance records and timing of all visits made by care workers – all within a single, easy to use system.

Each feature of iCareHealth Business Manager software is also completely integrated, which means the data collected is also populated within the invoicing and payroll features to further increase efficiencies with invoicing and pay.

iCareHealth Business Manager software facilitates consistent reporting processes across large and complex organisations with multisite functionality.

The data captured within Business Manager seamlessly integrates with each feature, which ensures that critical information pertaining to care workers and services users is accurate, relevant, consistent and readily accessible, regardless of location. For larger, multisite operations, Business Manager software effectively assures secure access for local branches or regions, while providing global transparency across the business as well as global visbility for reporting purposes.

Business Manager can be cloud hosted or locally installed, offering organisations greater flexibility to meet internal requirements.

Benefits of our hosted solution include minimal infrastructure costs and a fast implementation without the need to install servers and software.

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