Overcoming key industry challenges

It is now widely recognised that elderly people want to stay in their own homes, where they are most comfortable, for as long as possible. In keeping with this trend, there are about 1.1 million people in England who currently receive care and support services in their own homes.

However, the number of people aged over 65 is expected to increase by more than 50 percent over the next 20 years and by 2034, an estimated 3.5 million people will be aged over 85 years.

As our population grows to become older and frailer, the care needs of service users will inevitably become more complex and diverse, and home care providers will face increasing pressure to deliver consistent, high quality, person-centred care. Combine this with an industry-wide shortage of highly trained and skilled care workers and it is evident that demand is quickly surpassing supply.

Technology that enriches the home care experience for care workers and service users

iCareHealth’s Home Care Management solution makes it possible for home and domiciliary care home providers to overcome the burden of industry challenges by improving efficiencies and streamlining staff, resource and business management.

iCareHealth’s Home Care Management solution comprises Business Manager, Mobile Care Worker and Online Care and Staff software, which integrates seamlessly to improve business outcomes and quality of care for service users. The complete solution is configurable and scalable to accommodate home and domiciliary care organisations of all sizes and models.

What’s possible with complete Home Care Management?

Improve efficiencies and care outcomes:

  • Intelligent rostering that supports person-centred resident care and ensures the most appropriate care worker is allocated to the individual service user.
  • Automated mileage calculations that determine the distance of travel required for each care worker, to within a 10-metre radius.
  • A travel planner that recommends the most efficient route for care workers to take for each shift.
  • Mobile care plan updates that allow care workers in the field with remote access to the most up-to-date information associated with service users’ conditions, treatment and care.
  • Tools to help manage and monitor the location of care workers throughout their shift.
  • An online portal that informs the service user who will be delivering their care services ahead of the scheduled visit, and streamlines care service requests.


Reduce administration tasks and increase staff productivity:

  • Schedule updates that support the electronic allocation of visits to care workers. Visits can be accepted or rejected remotely from the care worker’s mobile device.
  • Call monitoring that allows care workers to start a visit, records the details and outcomes of that visit and then end the visit.
  • Simplified invoicing and payroll functionality that integrates with rostering features and automatically calculates hours and gross pay based on predetermined requirements.
  • Personal budget management to provide service users with a simplified way to view personal accounts and manage self-directed budgets.
  • Built-in messaging functionality to streamline communications between care managers, coordinators, workers, assistants and other staff.


Enhance compliance and corporate governance:

  • A centralised system that stores and consolidates critical information about each care worker including licences and qualifications, history files, incident reporting, grievances, holidays, absence management, contracts and more.
  • Standard and configurable reports that provide accurate monitoring of the critical processes, trends and performance impacting compliance.
  • Actions and alerts that prompt staff to ensure they comply with the highest standard of operational procedures.
  • Lone worker alarms, which provide peace of mind to care workers by allowing them to raise an alarm from their mobile device in emergencies.

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