Medication Management Solution

A safer, accountable and more efficient way to manage your residents’ medication. Eliminate the risk of medication errors confirming the correct medications are given to the correct resident at the correct time.

“By using iCareHealth’s Medication Management Solution, our care home has minimised our compliance risk, improved guest safety, while better allowing the monitoring of PRN’s.  The iCareHealth team did an amazing job with training our staff and in getting our preferred pharmacy on board.”

Pam Winter, Unit Manager
Tigh-Na-Muirn, UK 

Medication Management Product Features

Full integration with our suite of Care Home solutions and your choice pharmacies.


eMAR charts that accurately record medication administration to help mitigate compliance risks.

Pharmacy eMessaging

Electronic messaging tools to increase efficiency in pharmacy communications.

Report Generation

Improve your organisation’s medication management processes with configurable report generation.

Avoid Signature Omissions

Electronic medication management that helps to eliminate signature omissions.

PRN Management

Avoid adverse resident outcomes with safe and effective management of PRNs.

Mobile Administration

Provide staff with access to medication administration information at the point of delivery and greatly reduce errors.

Alerts & Warnings

Ensure the safe and effective medication administration with automated alerts and warnings.

Stock Inventory Management

Streamline management of medication stock processes with inventory management tools.

Medication Profiles

Further reduce the number of medication-related errors with electronic medication profiles.

Barcode Scanning

With bar code functionality at the point of administration, you can ensure the correct medication is always given to the correct resident.

eLearning & Competency Management

Bespoke elearning and competency management system offering immediate and continuous access to training resources.

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The Business Case for Electronic Medication Management

A safer, accountable and more efficient way to manage your residents’ medication.

Craig Flood, one of iCareHealth’s Care Home and Pharmacy Experts,  takes you through the business case for automating medication management and the direct benefits it has on increased compliance and reduced business risk. Find out what you should expect in terms of improved efficiencies, reductions in errors, and outstanding care outcomes.

More Features of Medication Management

iCareHealth’s Medication Management software enables complete electronic records of each medication that is administered to residents.

Using iCareHealth’s Medication Management Solution, care staff can easily document medication administration, along with other observations that are logged in a clear and accurate audit trail.

The software produces an eMAR that ensures that medications are not missed, as an alert prompts the user if a medication hasn’t been administered and a reason must be entered to prevent gaps on the MAR sheet.

The extensive benefits of eMAR functionality contribute to a significant reduction in errors, as well as the time taken by staff to complete medication rounds, increasing compliance.

iCareHealth’s Medication Management software can either be implemented as a stand-alone module, or as an integral part of iCareHealth’s suite of Care Home solutions.

By linking care home facilities and social care organisations with pharmacies within a single electronic system, our Medication Management software provides a transparent route for all non-urgent communications.

With a feature dedicated to pharmacy messaging, iCareHealth’s Medication Management software enables care staff to send online messages to pharmacies or even notify a pharmacist of a changed medication or new order.

Our Medication Management software also helps to accelerate the outcome of enquiries and requests by tracking the status of sent messages, so a staff member knows when the message has been received by the pharmacist.

To assist ease of medication reporting, the software also provides a comprehensive audit trail of all communications including notes and other records that may contribute to non-compliance.

iCareHealth’s Medication Management software centralises information throughout the complete care management system, in order to increase visibility across medication management processes, trends and reporting.

The software enables medication reports to be generated instantly, based on the most up-to-date information. With both standard and customisable medication reports that highlight medication errors, missed medications, administered PRN medications and more, our solution helps to safeguard against risks and ensure compliance of your organisation’s medication management procedures.

Our Medication Management software provides care home providers with easy-to-use online tools to help manage and record the administration of ‘as required’ PRN medications.

The software automatically pushes PRN information to other relevant areas across the system such as daily log and handovers, along with a reason explaining why the PRN was administered, and confirmation of the quantity given. Specific PRN reports can also be used to identify trends in under and over usage of PRN medication, allowing for improved clinical decision making.

PRN Management is a feature of iCareHealth’s Medication Management software that brings benefits to both residents and care staff by further reducing the risk of medication-related errors.

The most common compliance issue in the care sector is that of signature omissions or gaps on the MAR sheet whenever a drug is not authorised with a care worker’s signature at the time of administration. Two signature omissions can result in instant non-compliance.

With our Medication Management software, staff are prompted to check for potential missed medications. These essential alerts help to improve resident and service user safety, while strengthening the quality of care delivered by your organisation.

To assist with accuracy and ease of reporting, iCareHealth’s Medication Management software also records a comprehensive audit trail of signatures.

A number of medication management processes in the care home also require a witness signature to be recorded such as controlled drugs. Our solution enforces and records this second signature, which is also fully auditable.

iCareHealth’s Medication Management software comprises mobility features specifically designed for medication administration in a care home environment.

Our solution allows nursing and care staff to record medication administration at the point of care, using a touch screen mobile device. With an easy to use interface, care staff electronically log in using the mobile device at the start of a medication round. As a safeguard to reduce errors, only the medications to be administered for a given time period are displayed on the mobile screen, accompanied by photo identification of each resident as well as useful directions to ensure ease of medication administration.

To further support care staff, our Medication Management solution also provides real-time access to a clinical drug reference website while they are administering medication. This information is regularly updated and also allows the printing of patient information leaflets.

Our solution also ensures that medications are not missed, as a reason is always required by the system to explain any non-administered medications.

The extensive benefits of our Medication Management software include significant reductions in errors, non-compliance and the time taken to complete medication rounds.

As a care provider, the safety of your residents is of paramount importance to you. You can be reassured that our Medication Management solution has been developed to promote the five Rs of safe medication: Right Resident, Right Route, Right Drug, Right Dose and Right Time.

Our software greatly helps care providers simplify the management of medication related procedures, while minimising the possibilities for errors. Our software eliminates the need for paper-based medication charts, and breakdowns in communication that typically come with paper-based systems.

iCareHealth’s Medication Management software supports the creation of a comprehensive eMAR for care home residents, complete with photo identification of each resident. Information relating to residents’ medication can be updated automatically by the pharmacy and incorporated to the electronic medication profiles as often as necessary.

The software also enables the care home to add eMAR for medication that has not come from the pharmacy such as a hospital discharge. With a single audit trail, all medications can be governed by the system’s alerts and warning features thereby reducing significant risk.

iCareHealth’s Medication Management software has a standard workflow based on best practice. The provision of over twenty alerts and warnings help to ensure care staff effectively comply with the safest medication administration procedures, in any situation.

Examples of system alerts and warning include low stock alerts, the administering of medication too early or too late, administering certain medications within a minimum time interval, and many more.

iCareHealth’s Medication Management solution logically streamlines the inventory management processes in the care home to ensure the required medications are always in stock.

Our Medication Management software incorporates the tools to efficiently manage stock audits, drug disposal and medication recording. With access to an electronic stock file that is updated in real time, care staff will have the visibility to effectively manage medication stock levels, while reducing drug wastage.

In addition to increased staff productivity, our software also eliminates the need for paper-based medication charts, and saves care staff from the hassles associated with lengthy manual medication processes.

iCareHealth’s Medication Management software has built in functionality to allow care staff in the care home to scan the bar codes that are generated by pharmacies and appear on all medication dispensing labels. The unique bar code is created to provide details about each medication, as well the association with a specific resident.

The bar code scanning feature can be used by care staff as they check in medications, in order to confirm the care home has received the correct medication from the pharmacy and identify any discrepancies. At point of medication administration, iCareHealth’s bar code scanning feature can also be used by care staff to ensure the correct medication is always collected and given to the correct resident, at the correct time.

iCareHealth’s competence based training system ensures staff have immediate and continuing access to resources so they can develop and practice the skills needed to confidently use every aspect of our Medication Management software.

The learning and competency system provides simple, intuitive workflows that allow you to see at a glance, the progress each individual or functional unit is making towards training compliance.

This flexible approach to training delivery means a few staff in a single location, or thousands of staff in multiple locations can be trained quickly, and with confidence and supporting evidence that the skills and capabilities to use the software have been acquired.

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Yes, our Medication Management software significantly reduces missed signatures.

Yes, information about administered and missed medications is captured to provide you with powerful insights about each medication round.

Yes, iCareHealth’s Medication Management software incorporates tools to efficiently manage stock audits, drug disposal and medication recording.

Feedback and evidence from our clients across the UK and Australia  has confirmed that medication rounds take significantly less time to complete with Medication Management.

No, iCareHealth’s Medication Management software also has an offline capability so wireless connectivity is not required. For more information about technology requirements, contact us.

The system communicates over the internet to send and receive data. If the internet goes down, the MedAssure feature is enabled.  This feature provides the capability to continue with medication administration even when there is no internet connection.  Once the connection is restored, your data is re-synced and updated providing assurance that your MAR is accurate.

Your data is stored on one of iCareHealths’s server farms located around the UK. These servers are housed in secure data centre’s that offer world class speed, reliability and security.

Yes. At any given time, there are multiple copies of your data. The server farm provides the high protection of mirrored servers so that there is real time data duplication.  Backups of the mirrored servers are also created every 15 minutes. In addition, each instance of the application has the data stored locally on your computer.

Yes. All data transmitted over the internet is encrypted using SSL 64-bit encryption technology, according to standard best practice. The application and server infrastructure has undergone independent penetration testing.

A series of defined BCP plans have been produced which cater for various failures, including software, hardware, infrastructure and network failures.

The system is highly configurable and can allow for a set of configurations at home or company level. These will be defined as part of the initial implementation planning meetings.

The pharmacy team undertake accuracy and clinical checks of the data before it is transmitted to the care home. The care home will also have the opportunity to review and approve each medication to ensure the information is correct. Any required edits can be made by those users with permissions privileges – edits are all logged for audit purposes.

No. All medication processes including checking in, administration and reordering are completed on the system. A print out of the MAR sheet is available if required e.g. hospital admission.

All medications are available to view on the system. However for these types of medication, the administration may be recorded elsewhere i.e. care plan, TMAR or not at all. Stock checks can still be undertaken and reminders are available in the drug round to ensure that medications are administered/taken.

Any medication from another source other than the regular pharmacy can be manually entered into the system by nominated member of the care home team. This ensures that there is a single complete audit trail for all medication. The pharmacy will also be automatically alerted of any additional medication that has been entered by the care home.

Changes to the medication can be catered for within the system, either to the dose or schedule of the medication. All changes are fully auditable and access permissions can be restricted by the users role.

Yes. We are having ongoing conversations with the relevant regulatory bodies including the CQC and CI who know our system.

We are also a registered stakeholder of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). This engagement allows us to offer feedback on the production of new guidance for managing medication in care homes.

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Staff may move on, so iCareHealth has introduced their iCare Learning Management solution. Anytime, anywhere online training that’s cost effective and ensures staff at all levels are competent with every aspects of our Medication Management software.

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