Learning Management

iCareHealth’s skills based training solution ensures staff have immediate and continuing access to resources, so they can develop and practice the skills needed to confidently use every aspect of the Medication Management and Care Home Management software.

‘iCareHealth’s Learning Management makes training more auditable and enables staff to learn really well…it’s been incredibly useful.’

Carey Bloomer, Director of Nursing
Marches Care, UK

Learning Management Product Features

Live Environments

Our Learning software is unique in that it emulates the software and real life scenarios. Users complete simulated tasks in a supportive learning environment.

Tracks &  Manages Skills

Management have a complete view of skill levels, across their organisations. They can see which courses the staff have completed and which courses they still need to complete, and manage any discrepancies.

Cost Effective

Online learning reduces the costs associated with training. Our modules can be accessed anytime and anywhere and can be repeated as often as required, ensuring your staff have the skills they need to provide safe care.


New carers and agency staff can catch up on skills quickly, without taking time away from senior carers. Courses can be taken at the users own pace and can be repeated as often as necessary.

Customised Content

Each course is based on the role within the organisation, so you are only getting the curriculum you need, to do your job.

Sustain Competencies

Helps sustain skill levels within the organisation so that managers are meeting compliance requirements, even with high staff churn rates and agency workers.

Better Staff Retention

Staff have a clear picture of their career path and have the opportunity to advance and manage their career.

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Maintaining Competencies within the Care Sector

A Guide for Care Home Managers


Staff turnover, the increase in agency use and the effort spent on re-training are costing your care business.

In the following paper our iCareHealth Experts outline the key challenges around managing competency in the Social Care Sector today and detail what Care Home Managers should look for in a competency management solution.

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