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Care & Clinical assists Care Providers to evidence the quality care that they deliver to their residents, helping businesses manage risk and support compliance with governing body regulation.

Care & Clinical puts all your resident interactions in one place. Making it easy to access and audit key information, whilst ensuring the well-being of everyone in your care. That means more proactive care delivery, focused staff and better care outcomes. The software is intuitive and built with care teams in mind. Everything they need lives in a single, dynamic interface, so it’s easy to be productive and manage resident interactions. Mobile Point of Care is a simple to use mobile app that enables highly personalised recording to be made quickly and efficiently at the residents bedside, allowing carers to spend more time delivering outstanding care.

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Care & Clinical Product Features

Everything you need to run more efficient homes, so you and your staff can focus on outstanding care.

Daily Notes

Ensure that all social interactions, signs of well-being, signs of ill-being and any other details you deem as important are captured accurately and quickly.

Care Planning

Automate the creation and refining of your care plans through Assessment Forms. Our Care Planning capability speeds up the overall management of all care planning processes, whilst maintaining the quality and personalisation you require to differentiate yourselves in the market.

Assessment Forms

Don’t force yourselves down a path of hardcoded assessment form templates that cannot be edited, our intuitive Assessment Form designer allows you to build and refine your own templates which means that staff adoption becomes far simpler and you don’t have to lose out on the years of expertise and brand you have invested in your existing tools.

Monitoring Charts

Record and keep a handle on all key monitoring observations such as food + fluid intake, repositionings, hygiene + oral care, weights and many more … and speed up the process of recording all of that information using our mobile app.

Scheduled Tasks

Flexible task management software to drive efficiency and ensure the most appropriate care is delivered.

Management Reporting

Gain greater transparency across your organisation with our easy to use reporting tools. Lock down access by facility, region or national views to ensure that people only see the information they need to.

Mobile App

Deliver quality care at your residents' bedside using our easy to use point of care app.

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Marches Care Customer Story

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