Care and Clinical

Care and Clinical assists you in delivering and evidencing the necessary quality care for your residents, manages your business risk and supports compliance with CQC regulation.

“The RMBI chose iCareHealth software because we needed a solution that gives head office greater visibility across the operational and clinical processes, with appropriate reporting at each of our care homes.”

Claire Wilcox, RMBI Project Manager
Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution (RMBI), UK


Care and Clinical Product Features

Everything you need to run more efficient homes, so you and your staff can focus on outstanding care.

Care plans

Organise care plans with a single digital record, in a truly mobile environment at point of assessment and care, to improve personalisation, efficiencies and quality of care outcomes.

Daily Notes

Ensure daily notes are accurate, timely and reflect the care being delivered. Allow staff to quickly view care actions and alerts before evidencing observations with ease and no more than ‘three click’ staff interface.

Risk Assessment & Charting Forms

Complete assessments, risk assessments and charts quickly and accurately. Evidence compliance for all aspects of care provision, from care plans and daily records to medication and charting.


Streamline operational efficiencies and mitigate the risks associated with staff handover procedures. Increase information sharing and retention through interactive handover notifications and detailed care alerts and alarms.

Scheduled Tasks

Flexible task management software to drive efficiency and ensure the most appropriate care is delivered.

Management Reporting

Gain greater transparency and corporate governance from across the organisation with easy to use reporting tools. Access customisable management information reports from anywhere on any devise.

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How to embed KLOE into your care organisation

The key ingredients – data, technology, culture

An evidence based approach to care planning enables care organisations to meet the regulatory requirements but also deliver the best possible outcomes for residents.

iCareHealth’s Carl Drinkwater explains the complicated world of CQC’s Key Lines of Enquiry. Carl covers KLOE need-to-knows, technologies’ part in compliance and the importance of data and benchmark results. Gain an in-depth understanding of how your care organisation can thrive under the KLOE regulatory guidelines.

More Features of Care and Clinical

iCareHealth Care and Clinical software has been developed to free nursing and care staff from the arduous administration associated with resident care plans and documentation.

With a simple to use interface, Care and Clinical allows staff to effortlessly prepare new care plans for residents, review and evaluate a resident’s care plan, and update or add additional information to an incomplete care plan. A handy summary care plan feature also highlights the necessary daily actions in an easily viewable, digital format for nursing and care staff.

With our Care and Clinical software, nurses and care staff are able to spend more time with residents, with the reassurance that the care services being delivered are based on accurate and up to date information.

An evidence-based approach to person-centred care planning will also assist your organisation in meeting industry regulations and compliance, and delivering improved outcomes for the resident.

A core component of iCareHealth Care and Clinical Software is the daily notes feature, which allows nursing and care staff to easily create notes of the relevant information associated with residents’ daily conditions, treatment and care. Care and Clinical software also enables staff to enter multiple daily notes for more than one resident at a time, creating efficiencies.

Care and Clinical software is an end-to-end solution, so any information pertaining to tasks, assessments, charts and medications will also be automatically updated in a resident’s daily notes to save staff additional time on administration by reducing the duplication of information.

A complete electronic health record, Care and Clinical software helps care providers to achieve accurate, high quality resident documentation, which leads to reduced risks and improved care outcomes for residents.

With iCareHealth Care and Clinical software, care staff can record daily charting observations in real time, and for multiple residents at a time. With a variety of improved methods for completing assessments and prompts, staff can complete charts and assessments that are scheduled in advance or simply, complete as required.

A key driver of continuous improvement, Care and Clinical is a document management system that captures multiple versions of documentation and allows organisations to customise assessment forms to reflect existing documentation standards.

Assessment outcomes can also be linked to a resident’s care plan, encouraging evidence-based care planning. With less administration and paperwork to complete, your care staff will have significantly more time to care for residents.

iCareHealth Care and Clinical aids in the streamlined collection of information about residents’ latest health issues, progress and required care, prior to a staff handover.

The solution enables nursing and care staff to easily create accurate handover reports that include current information about residents from within the system to ensure only relevant information is presented, and no information is missed.

With Care and Clinical software, staff also have the flexibility to be able to view handover reports while active on the floor, thereby reducing the length of handovers between shifts.

By automating the handover process, iCareHealth Care and Clinical helps to decrease the risks currently associated with staff handover procedures such as misplaced information, miscommunication, discontinuity of care and non-compliance.

iCareHealth Care and Clinical supports the efficient, day-to-day management of care delivery by allowing relevant staff to allocate both care and administrative tasks for a resident, or group of residents, to the appropriate staff member or key worker group.

Prompts for completing risk assessments, action for care as well as daily notes can all be linked to scheduled tasks with Care and Clinical.

iCareHealth Care and Clinical software integrates information across all features and modules in a way that provides instant visibility and instant access to the most relevant information and data.

With Care and Clinical, resident information is automatically populated into organisation specific management reports making a time consuming task, effortless. This releases manager’s time to focus on care. At the click of a button, management and authorised systems users can instantly retrieve and review configurable care quality reports while tailored dashboard reports capture and display information in real time.

Care and Clinical’s quick and easy management reporting functionality supports the effective monitoring of trends and performance, as well as improved corporate governance.

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Yes. iCareHealth’s Assessment Forms and Care Domains can be tailored to suit any organisation, regardless of shape and size. Contact us to find out how your organisation will benefit from using our Care and Clinical software.

Yes. iCareHealth’s Care and Clinical software has a simple to use interface, designed specifically for care and nursing staff. We also offer you and your team the highest quality training and ongoing guidance along with elearning options so you can refresh skills or train new staff and agency workers anytime and anywhere – read more about our approach.

Yes. iCareHealth’s Electronic Medication Management software can be licensed separately. Learn more about our Medication Management software.

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