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Osborne House is a 29 bed Residential Dementia Care Home based on the coast, in Clevedon. Osborne House became a client of iCareHealth in 2017 and have been excelling with their adoption of the iCareHealth Suite. We got in touch with Suzanne McPadden, Home Manager, to have a chat to see how the team have been getting on. They currently use both the Care & Clinical and iCareMeds solutions, which they have firmly embedded into their operation. Since their implementation, Osborne House have noticed an improvement in their compliance +safety, increased engagement from staff, who have been able to spend more time with residents, and also a reduction in the time they were having to spend performing internal audits.

We started off by asking Suzanne why they considered taking on a software solution. “Implementing technology was paramount to us being able to support our high standards of care. Being able to report on needs and behaviours allows for us to monitor the care delivered and make sure it is working for the resident in a personalised way”. Furthermore Suzanne explained that “you come to Osborne House to live!”, reinforcing that the technology they adopted had to ensure that person-centric care was supported throughout.

Another huge pain point for Osborne House was the cumbersome paper-based systems which are still widely used within the sector. “We came from very old paper-based systems, which meant it took hours for staff to write reports, which many hated and some couldn’t do”. Now Osborne House have a tailored system which allows them to keep an eye on the small details which make a huge difference in the lives of their residents. Suzanne added, “Knowing how a resident likes to take their cornflakes, how they like to be addressed or the best way to assist them in the shower. We feel having this information on tablets in their rooms allows for dignity as well as allowing the residents to remain involved in the care they receive”.

Suzanne also highlighted how the medication system acts as a safeguarding tool, not only for the resident but also the team. She explained, “Medication-wise, the system saves errors and highlights problems straight away. Being a residential facility without nurses available, causes enough concerns, and having a medication system with all the information at your fingertips, is a great safety net for all staff involved. It also allows for bedroom administration which allows for increased dignity.” Osborne House has been reaping the benefits of the iCareMeds solution, as it provides all the information the team needs to ensure the safest practices are in place around the handling and administering of medication.

Suzanne continues to discuss the features of Care & Clinical and how she found it to be the most suitable solution on the market. “The adaptability of the software was far more important than anything else. The need for it to be straight forward and easy to use for care staff, without adding further stress to their day. It ensures continuous improvements are made”.

Suzanne and her team have an incredible drive for continuous improvement, and they all have fully embraced technology to facilitate this. We have a great relationship with Osborne House and look forward to continuing our work with them in the future.