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Hallmark Care Homes, together with their sister Company Athena Care Homes own a total of 19 care homes across England and South Wales. This gives them the ability to host over 1450 residents at any given time. They are recognised in the industry for providing high quality care and outstanding, innovative facilities throughout the UK.

In January 2016, Hallmark’s Care Quality, Governance and Compliance Director Julie Rayner contacted iCareHealth. She was in search of a solution that could eliminate the time it took to plan and evidence care provision on their manual paper systems. They also had concerns about ensuring accuracy and needed a solution that would actively alert them to trends and KPIs per home and at organisational level.

“We were looking for a solution that would reduce time team members spent hand writing care plans and daily records. We wanted something that would enable our team members to capture care delivery at the point of delivery.”

Julie Rayner
Julie Rayner - Care Quality, Governance and Compliance Director, Hallmark Care Homes

“It was also important that our management team (at home and organisational level) could easily access management reports from the system. This would, therefore, save valuable time undertaking care plan audits.” said Julie.

Fortunately, for Julie, iCareHealth had the perfect tool to fix these common industry pains. We suggested implementing the iCarehealth eMAR solution (in partnership with Boots pharmacy) along with the iCareHealth Care planning solution.

Anya Court care home

Hallmark were instantly impressed by the integration and ease of use of iCareHealth’s solutions. This was not just from an end user perspective but also from an organisational and management perspective. The decision was made to implement the iCareHealth solutions across their English and Welsh estates with a multi phased approach.

“The iCareHealth system ticked two important boxes: 1. Ease of use, and 2. Quality of management information that we could extract” said Julie.

Since beginning the 1st phase of implementation, Hallmark now have 2 sites live and are embarking on phase 2. Consequently, this is where iCareHealth will be implementing another 4 sites.

“We are currently only in phase 1 – we have two homes currently inputting residents data into the system. Whilst this is a resource heavy part of the process and can be repetitive, it is allowing the teams to really get to know the system and what information goes where. We are getting positive feedback from these two homes and all team members are very excited about launch day. iCareHealth’s implementation consultant Sarah Wollaston has been very helpful and has worked closely with us to ensure the data upload goes smoothly and, in addition, that the ‘Go Live’ day is a success.” said Julie.

“It is important to Hallmark that our team members have as much time as possible to spend in meaningful activity with residents whilst still ensuring person centred care plans are in place and robust care delivery is captured; the iCareHealth system will enable our teams to achieve this.”

Julie Rayner – Care Quality, Governance and Compliance Director, Hallmark Care Homes

iCareHealth are happy to assist Hallmark Care Homes in delivering the best care available to their residents.

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