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Erskine Care Homes are the largest care givers to Veterans and their spouses in Scotland, providing care for over 100 years, currently accommodating 339 residents across 4 facilities. Over the past couple of years, Erskine has been on a mission to digitise their processes in order to improve compliance, increase time with residents and maximise the safety across their organisation. We spoke with Derek T Barron, Director of Care at Erskine to see how they have found their experience with iCareHealth.

Erskine decided to implement an electronic system that would allow them to facilitate their goals as an organisation having experienced the same drawbacks of outdated systems as everyone else. They found themselves spending far too long evidencing their care and were suffering from lack of transparency and lack of trust in system/documentation security. It, therefore, made sense for them to migrate to a digital solution to remedy these pain points.

These days, Erskine is utilising the entire suite of iCareHealth’s Care Home products which is comprised of; Care & Clinical (Care Management Software), iCareMeds (eMAR Software), Mobile Point of Care App, and eLearning (Competency Management Software). Erskine, has been doing so well with the system that we had to get in touch with them for a catch-up.

Erskine was in a position where they had a vision of where they wanted to go as an organisation, but was unable to achieve these goals with their current processes. “To achieve our ambitions we needed technology to support us by being adaptable to our environment, that was easy to use and assisted staff to capture the essence of our residents, to plan resident care and to record interactions. We replaced a platform that did not do any of the above with Care & Clinical as it allowed us to be in control of information that was relevant to support care and our vision of person-centredness.”- Derek T Barron- Director of Care.

Derek told us that since implementing iCareHealth’s software solutions, the team at Erskine have seen an increase in compliance, improved safety, increased staff engagement and importantly, an increase in time spent with their residents. “The system allows us to review when actions and/or reviews are due. It has allowed us to review when/why we give PRN medications, down to and including the individual practitioner. The Mobile Point of Care app has supported staff to spend time with residents explaining what they are doing and easily record it”, said Derek. He goes on to say “The flexibility for us to tailor language and content to reflect a person-centred approach, is fantastic – language is critical in setting the tone of interventions and understanding.”

As an organisation, iCareHealth never leave our clients in the dark. There is always support on offer through the entire buying process, implementation, product support, and client success process. “The responsiveness of iCareHealth is a major factor in how we are able to develop our use of the system. We don’t feel we have just been sold something and left to get on with it. We feel supported in implementation and our ongoing use, especially problem-solving. The helpdesk is just that, ‘helpful’’, Derek explains.

Erskine is already playing an integral part in working alongside iCareHealth’s product management team to ensure we are continuing to produce highly targeted, data-rich products. We at iCareHealth have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Erskine, and are looking forward to continuing to build on the solid partnership that we have formed.