Carey Bloomer of Marches Care understands first-hand the power of Care & Clinical’s new mobile app, Mobile Point of Care and what she’s seen so far is pure magic.

Carey muses about how far her business has come, since Marches started its journey with iCareHealth.

“Having introduced iCare’s Care & Clinical and Medication Management software nearly two years ago, our practices and the way we manage our homes have changed immeasurably. More time is spent with residents and the quality, quantity and accuracy of our documentation has improved beyond anything I had hoped for.”

What has also had a tremendous impact on Carey, is how the fully integrated solution has transformed the way they run their home.

“The software enables a level of transparency that breeds responsibility and accountability, that was just not there prior to iCareHealth. The high level of transparency has made staff much prouder of what they do and has bonded the team together as well.”

Introducing Mobile Point of Care has most recently had the greatest impact on Marches Care.

“I started with two mobiles on one unit and within one day, I had a delegation of 6 staff demanding the mobile app!”

Carey’s staff no longer wait in a queue to transcribe their notes on to a laptop.  All the information from their mobile is automatically transferred to the Care & Clinical system and in the reverse, the information they need to do their jobs, is all available on the mobile device.

Time savings was the biggest draw of Mobile Point of Care.

“One carer worked out that the dictation feature alone, saved her at least an hour on each shift.”

Marches Care have found that Mobile Point of Care adds value even in areas that impact quite a specific part of the population.

English is the second language to many carers who might struggle with completing progress notes easily. Nurses and carers with learning challenges such as Dyslexia can find it difficult to complete notes quickly. Imagine how your staff, who struggle with these difficulties would feel when they saw their progress notes spelt correctly, with accurate grammar all because of the ease of use of Mobile Point of Care’s dictation function.

Safety is key here as phones with cases are safely tucked away in pockets and not lying around the home where they can be dropped and damaged.

iCareHealth is proud of their work in helping to transform the care sector and improving the lives of those touched by our solutions, but we don’t sit on our laurels. We are continuously working with our clients to develop the functionality and services that have the greatest impact on the whole care organisation from executive to resident.

Carey ends with a final message:

“Not only does the mobile app save time, it saves us a fortune because we aren’t replacing damaged equipment like laptops, previously located around the home.”

“It makes my life so much easier and I have a very happy and excited bunch of staff who think Care & Clinical with its new mobile app is absolute ace!”

To arrange a demo, please contact us at [email protected] or call us on 01440 766 400.

If you’re a client with Care & Clinical, speak with your account manager about introducing the Mobile Point of Care app to your organisation.

Watch the 12 minute Mobile Point of Care demo.