Located in the beautiful town of Monifieth, Scotland, Tigh-Na-Muirn was built in 1893, and was lovingly refurbished and opened as a care home in 1991. Providing dementia, palliative, end of life, convalescent, short stay and nursing care, Tigh-Na-Muirn specialises in delivering the highest quality care from a team of dedicated and multi-skilled workers.

Having recently implemented iCareHealth’s Electronic Medication Management software solution, we chatted with Tigh-Na-Muirn Unit Manager, Pam Winter, to discover what impact the software has had on their business and the quality of care they deliver.

“I would recommend all care homes use this system, as it is a safer alternative to using a paper based system” – Unit Manager, Pam Winter.

What specific challenges influenced your organisation to look for a software solution?

Our main goal in implementing the Electronic Medication Management solution was to reduce medication errors. With a paper based system, managing and recording the hundreds of medications that are administered daily can be challenging. However by using an electronic system, our care home has minimised our compliance risk, improved guest safety, while better allowing the monitoring of PRN’s.

What specific criteria did the software solution need to meet?

Our main criteria in selecting a software solution was to allow management and staff to easily and quickly monitor the medication management process. This included tasks such as checking stock levels, monitoring PRN’s, signing in medications, as well as the ability to check and remedy errors quickly and safely.

Do you feel the software has had any impact on the quality of care you are able to deliver?

Absolutely. The software has given an added level of responsibility to our Senior Social Care Officers and Social Care Officers, as they are no longer reliant on simply trusting the pharmacy to dispense the correct medication on their behalf. As a result, the dashboard feature has been a favourite amongst our staff as they can easily check all medication rounds. The feedback from staff around the software solution has been very positive, particularly around the ability to easily access MARS when a guest is being admitted to hospital, the receiving and disposal of medications, as well as adding a new guest to the system.

What advice would you give to other social care providers around implementing a software solution?

I would recommend all care homes use this system, as it is a safer alternative to using a paper based system. The Electronic Medication Management solution has made it easier to check all medications in the home, which in turn reduces the amount of stock we need to hold. The system also allows any medication errors to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. The iCareHealth team did an amazing job with training our staff and in getting our preferred pharmacy on board.

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