Technology is an enabler; and 2018 has seen more and more providers deploying Medication Management applications to assist with ensuring compliance in the face of increasingly stringent medication regulations, staffing pressures and complex resident’s needs. However what are the key elements in ensuring a successful Electronic Medication Management project?

As with any complex project, the key is a balance between three elements: Systems, Processes and People.

Systems – The first element on this list is the application itself, when choosing an Electronic Medication Management application it is vital that it offers the key functionality that your organisation needs to achieve its goals. More information on finding an application that suits your business can be found by here. However, simply finding a solution that meets these requirements is not the end goal, as we explore further below.

Processes – Having strong and clearly understood processes across all the stakeholders involved to support your technology is vital, any technology project is doomed if staff or your pharmacy provider doesn’t understand what they need to do and when, to support the tools in place.

People – This element is the key focus of this article and we will explore how having the correct stakeholders involved in your project is vital to ensuring its success.

So who are the main stakeholders in your Medication Management Project?

Technology provider – As per the above, the first element of this equation is finding a provider who is able to offer you a tool with the functionality to meet your requirements. The best way of establishing this, is to compile a list of challenges that your organisation is currently facing and sharing these with the technology provider. The provider should then be able to present you with a solution and project plan to address these challenges. This knowledge of your specific situation and requirements, should direct the project and allow for your project manager to liaise with the other stakeholders to provide a solution.

Pharmacy Provider – Choosing the correct pharmacy partner to support your project is equally as important as finding the right solution when it comes to medication management. You may have found the best technology to address your challenges, but if your medication is late or incorrectly dispensed, your medication processes will fail. When looking at a pharmacy partner to support your project, they need to be able to provide a consistent high quality service, have the resources and stability to maintain this service and have a good working partnership with your technology provider, to ensure that both sides understand how to deploy and use the technology in place, both during implementation and beyond.

Finding a synergy between these three elements is not easy, however once in place your project will have all the elements it needs to succeed. Here at iCareHealth we see over 1 billion medication administrations through our applications worldwide and have forged strong partnerships with national and independent pharmacy providers alike, who can offer the level of service and knowledge needed to support your project.

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