The Chaseley Home has recently impressed the CQC (Care Quality Commission) with their latest inspection. The home has come out with an overall rating on ‘Outstanding’, improving from their previous rating of ‘Good’.

Chaseley has been making huge headway with improving the quality of care and reducing risk in the past couple of years by introducing technology into their care environment, something which the CQC have cited several times in their report. One such example, is the teams use of the iCareMeds system, in collaboration with Boots pharmacy.

“People received their medicines at the correct time. There was an electronic recording system and medicines were delivered by the nurses. The electronic medication charts had been developed to send an alert to the staff if drugs were not given, so they could check if the medicine had been forgotten. It also identified if people were requiring more “as required” medicines than normal, so that the nurses could review the charts and decide if this was significant and warranted a medication review by the GP. The medicines were stored appropriately and there was a robust system in place for ordering and disposing of drugs.”- CQC Report.

iCareMeds is a seamless, end-to-end solution which enables a home to record the administration of medicines (eMAR), track inventory levels and record the safe disposal of medications.

iCareHealth would like to take this opportunity to congratulate The Chaseley Trust for their latest achievement and we look forward to seeing them continue to thrive in the future.

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