More and more care organisations are moving to an Electronic Care Planning software, but it is easy to become bogged down with the various functionalities each provider offers. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure the supplier you go with checks all the right boxes. Here are the 6 Must Have’s when it comes to Electronic Care Planning:

1. Configurability– One size does not fit all! No two Care providers work in the same way, therefore you need your software provider to be flexible, with the ability to configure the solution to work best for your practices.

2. Transparency– For Management it can be difficult to keep a close eye on everything that’s going on within your home, or even across a whole care home group for that matter. Ensure your software provider allows you to see a high-level overview of the home/organisations performance as well as having the capability of getting a more granular view.

3. Reporting– There is much more to a care planning software than just the care plans themselves. A good solution should be data rich allowing you to track important parameters. This could be monitoring falls within the home to all the way to medication errors.

4. Data security– As a care provider you are responsible for a vast amount of sensitive data, however you also need to ensure that your data processors are also storing your data securely. This stretches much further than just GDPR, ensure your provider to accredited by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

5. Implementation– Out of the box software won’t be successful. It is imperative to ensure that the software has been correctly configured to the way you work, as well as being provided with the best training available, and a performance review after the system has gone live. To read more about our implementation approach, read our previous blog post: The Secret to a Successful approach.

6. Support– In an ideal world we wouldn’t need technical support teams. However, no matter how great your software provider is, issues occur and problems arise from time to time. You need to be assured that your software provider has a widely accessible support team with various ways of contacting them. Always ask to see their support team’s figures, for example, what is their customer satisfaction rate, how many of the issues reported get fixed at the point of reporting it?

There are so many different options on the market who all offer different functionalities to their software. But if you stick to these 6 key points, you should find yourself with a robust, reliable solution which not only fits well for your business but helps it grow!

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