As many know, Technology Enabled Care (TEC) launched as a Scotland-wide programme in 2014. We’re now starting to see signs that the initiative means more person-centred, inclusive care for many Residential Care Home organisations. For those interested in improving the care in their Homes, read on to discover what Carl Drinkwater from iCareHealth has to say about how the application of technology can become a successful, integral part of quality cost-effective care and support.

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Create a 360 degree view of your care

Using electronic care plans, records, assessments and medication management, you can create one digital patient record. This allows you to have a single digital real-time care plan, giving everyone involved (relatives, care professionals, the resident…etc.) a 360 holistic view. This allows you to include everyone when it comes to determining what would be best to improve the individual’s life and care.

With this type of technology, you don’t need the doctor, the nurse practitioner or the physio all in the same room to create a holistic care plan. Because the platform is accessible by all the appropriate people in a secure location, everyone can check the outcomes within one system – focusing on the person at the centre of the care plan.

Get real-time Point of Care recording

This type of integrated care home technology gives carers and management the ability to react sooner to changes in an individual’s condition. Those who need to stay informed can see from the care plan what measures are in place, what is working and what can be improved on.

Take our Mobile Point of Care app as an example. It allows real-time monitoring. Nurses can also record how a resident is feeling with emojis and explanations. This means we can not only record actions around medications and other care tasks such as fluid intake, but also start recording an individual’s wellbeing. This way, management can identify issues and keep relatives informed, so they feel included in the resident’s care.

Streamline person-centred and inclusive care processes

If you want to increase efficiencies within your care home, the technology that can report in real-time is an effective way to streamline processes. From our clients, we’ve heard that they are saving at least 1 hour per resident. If you have 60 residents, you’ll be saving 60 hours per week at the very least. The more processes you streamline, the more time you save.

Of course, the most important aspect is that it allows all the people involved in an individual’s care programme to view, edit and monitor the care plan in real-time – putting the individual first. Without this technology, it’s impossible to communicate beyond the basics about an individual’s wellbeing. Australia implemented a similar programme over five years ago and has gone on to see great success.

This means it is time for Scottish Residential Care Home organisations to start considering how an integrated Residential Care Planning solution can include the technology and support they need to improve person-centred, inclusive care. Not all technology providers can ensure secure remote access to sensitive data that is often handled in this industry, so it is important to pick a provider that can offer you a platform that brings the most benefits while securing each resident’s care data.

Without this technology, your alternative is to look at Monthly Care Plan reviews that deal with information that is often out of date. This, as we know, is not much use to the daily wellbeing of the resident.

If you are looking for an Excellent Care Inspectorate rating, promoting a person-centred, inclusive care approach with the technology that houses everything under one roof is a good place to start.

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