Challenges before iCareHealth

As with all leading social care organisations, Summercare believe that a consistent, evidence-based approach to delivering care and support is essential in an era of accountable, person-centred social care. However, an outdated, paper-based system was keeping them from improving consistency and efficiency across the organisation.

Faced with mounting economic pressures, Director of Summercare Asif Raja realised that a comprehensive software solution would provide the organisation with opportunity to achieve greater efficiencies by streamlining the management of rostering, monitoring of staff and service delivery.

“With the growing economic pressures and the increasing need for efficiencies and effective service delivery, I looked at many software systems and felt that only iCareHealth Business Manager could deliver the best flexibility in terms of what my organisation needs now, combined with the capabilities to grow with us as an organisation,” explained Asif.

iCareHealth’s Supported Living Management: The right solution

In early 2012, Summercare adopted iCareHealth Business Manager to help the organisation deliver serious efficiencies and better provide superior, person-centred care. With the help of iCareHealth’s dedicated implementation and training consultants, Business Manager was live within a few short months and Summercare instantly began to streamline the processes around workflows, service user visits, rosters, travel routes, assessments, and reports.

By July 2012, Summercare had implemented iCareHealth’s end-to-end software solution, incorporating Business Manager, Mobile Care Worker and Support and Service Management.

The Results 

  • A significant reduction in time spent on rostering
  • Payroll administration reduced to hours, instead of days
  • Substantial improvements in staff monitoring and visit reporting
  • Enhanced staff communication
  • Evidence-based consistency and continuity of care
  • Identification of improvement and best practice areas

Benefits for service users

In order to deliver personalised care and support to service users, Summercare uses iCareHealth Business Manager allocate the most suitable care workers to service users, based on an extensive list of predefined search criteria. This ensures that service users have a greater choice and say in the care services they receive, as well as continuity of care.

Additional benefits of iCareHealth Business Manager include the ability for a service user to provide feedback on service provision that can be recorded and communicated directly back to Summercare, in real-time. This feedback and subsequent action encourages Summercare’s staff to continuously increase the standards of care they deliver to service users.

Benefits for care and support workers

We understand that to successfully facilitate change within an organisation, a dedicated change management approach with appropriate communication, training and ongoing support for staff is essential. While there were concerns expressed by staff members prior to the implementation of a technology-based system, staff at Summercare were pleasantly surprised at the user-friendly nature of software once iCareHealth’s training services were provided to staff.

Staff at Summercare now manage the rostering of their care workers through Business Manager, which has delivered greater efficiency and productivity, along with improved care outcomes.

“As an administrator of the system, I have found Business Manager software to be user-friendly and easy to configure to our organisation’s own needs. The software lends itself well to the domiciliary environment and we are also managing our accommodation-based services and staff through the systems to great effect,” said Lisa Morgan, one of the managers at Summercare.

For the care workers in the field, Mobile Care Worker has allowed them to deliver an improved, evidence-based service with easy-to-use planning and logging features. Care workers can also remotely accept shift requests and receive real-time schedule updates, as well as raise alerts with lone worker protection.

Benefits for management

Business Manager helps to ensure that all invoicing and payroll are up-to-date and accurate, while seamlessly integrating with Summercare’s existing payroll system. This means that the right number of hours are always invoiced and paid, and discrepancies and paperwork both minimised. Summercare also successfully use the system to manage annual leave and individual training needs of staff and workers.

The online dashboards provide managers with a live, visual representation of scheduled client user visits, financials and other key business indicators to ensure improved corporate governance and business performance.

By having the operational, care and financial information all in the one location, Summercare has achieved their overarching goal of delivering best practice, efficiency and consistency across their care services.

“iCareHealth software has addressed our short-term needs and has already started to deliver on the outcomes that I identified for the needs of service users, staff and the organisation over the long-term,” said Asif.