Birmingham City Council proudly offers a range of services to over one million local residents and businesses, including adult education, libraries and child care. In addition, Birmingham City Council operates a number of care homes throughout the region.

In managing the large resources and reporting requirements that comes with running multiple sites, Birmingham City Council Group Manager, Sonia Mais-Rose, and other senior managers decided to invest in clinical and medication software for their five largest care homes. Having implemented iCareHealth’s Care and Clinical, and Electronic Medication Management software, we spoke to Sonia to find out how Birmingham City Council’s move to an electronic system has been and what insights other social care providers can take away from their experience.

“As a senior manager, I now have an overview of all documentation relating to our service users without having to leave my desk” – Sonia Mais-Rose, Group Manager

What specific challenges influenced your organisation to look for a software solution?

Our main challenge was that staff were failing to complete daily records with sufficient detail, which would result in medicine administration errors and a breakdown in communication. As a result, we were spending time and resources in an attempt to manage these errors and ensure they were picked up before they impacted our service users. Ultimately, a paper based system could easily be manipulated and changed.

What specific criteria did the software solution need to meet?

One of the main criteria we were looking for was an improved audit trail. Requirements around reporting are getting stricter, so it was important that managers could easily find and access a full range of documentation. We also needed software that was easy to use, particularly for staff with limited IT skills or where English is a second language. Lastly, we wanted a software specialist with a trusted history with the ability to meet the stringent IT requirements of Birmingham City Council.

Do you feel the software has had any impact on the quality of care you are able to deliver?

As a senior manager, I now have an overview of all documentation relating to our service users without having to leave my desk. Our reporting is now more accurate and detailed, which has led to an improvement in overall staff performance. I can now trace which staff member performed an action and at what time, which provides full transparency for management and reporting purposes.

What advice would you give to other social care providers around implementing a software solution?

I would recommend ensuring you have a detailed knowledge of your current procedures and forms, so that you have an understanding of which forms are mandatory and which can be amended to suit your facility. I had some concerns initially around how staff with limited IT skills would manage with the software, however the hands on training by the iCareHealth team was most beneficial, and when you see how quickly staff adapted, it has been worth every effort. I am proud to say that we now have an electronic record and medication management system in Birmingham City Council.

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