iCareHealth prides itself on its approach to implementation, ensuring all our partners are best prepared for their transition into a digital future. Our specialist consultants have a combined experience of over 30 years with even further experience in the healthcare sector.

‘iCareHealth implementation consultants all have extensive knowledge of the sector with most having worked in care and pharmacy environments before joining the Implementation Services team. Therefore, the team have a deeper understanding of the sector and the challenges facing service delivery in health and social care’. 

Rob Pearson, Senior Consultant.

iCareHealth’s implementation approach covers five key areas to ensure the care staff and management are best equipped for their transition to a digital future. We strive to provide our partners with all the tools needed to be in full control of their future, allowing them to customise the software to best meet their needs. Even after our systems are implemented we offer our partners consistent help when needed through our account management team, dedicated support line and eLearning platform.

The implementation approach we take is broken down into Five Key Areas drawn from the PRINCE2 model, a tried and tested structured project management tool. These are; Engage, Train, Implement, Go Live and finally, Review.

  • Engage– this involves the initial kick off meeting where we ensure we have established all the needs of each home whether it be a small independent home or a large organization. We also spend the time to ensure the home has all the required hardware and Wi-Fi infrastructure to ensure a seamless transition.
  • Train– The training element of the implementation process is different for all organisation due to their varying size and rollout strategy. However, the content that is covered is consistent to ensure all homes are confident in using our software. Your dedicated consultant will support you in agreeing lesson plans to support the consistent delivery of course content across your organisation.
  • Implement– It is at this stage that we work alongside your organisation to ensure the software is configured and deployed in the way best fulfill your needs and deliver upon your expectations from a compliance and efficiency perspective. Our products get shipped with an industry standard set of charts and assessments forms to build your care plans, however your iCareHealth consultant can also work with you to build custom assessment forms and care plans should you feel they would further benefit your organization and support the change management process for your teams.
  • Go Live– As an iCareHealth partner, we want to ensure we provide you with the most seamless transition onto your new digital platform and support you during the latter stages of change management. To do this we endeavor to be onsite for the go live day to ensure that you residents information is being recorded accurately and efficiently. This is also a great way for the care staff who are nervous using the new software get the support they need from our consultancy team.
  • Review- Finally, our consultants will come back to the Care Home after their ‘Go Live’ day to ensure management and senior staff are happy with the way the software is configured, that they are confident in the reporting functionality of the system and that they are happy with the management functionalities we have to offer. Following this your organisation will be formally handed over to our dedicated account management and support teams.

iCareHealth’s Head of Implementation Services, Craig Flood has vast experience in the healthcare space. He expressed that ‘iCareHealth has a dedicated office based project coordinator which provides all our partners with a constant point of contact throughout the entire implementation process to ensure we provide the best service’. This ensures we maintain constant contact with our clients even when our consultants are out in the field.

We pride ourselves in giving our clients the best possible experience. Having a well-structured approach to implementation is a key part to a project’s success. Including providing a Kick Off Meeting before we provide training which provides valuable discussions around a project.’

Emily Earl, Project Coordinator

If you would like to find out more on our approach click here, or check out our previous post on The 7 C’s to a Successful Implementation Approach. If you wish to discuss our implementation approach or any of our solutions, please get in touch on 01440 766400 or email [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!