“iCareHealth has given us back the time to do all of our other tasks that we just didn’t have time for before.” – Marie Oxley, Team Manager.

Challenges before iCareHealth

Prior to engaging with iCareHealth, North Lincolnshire Council recognised that their existing care management system had become obsolete. The team were persevering with paper-based processes, separate tools for separate tasks, inconsistent software functionality, siloed reporting – all were preventing the organisation from improving efficiencies.

With the overarching goal to improve quality, efficiency and productivity, the Council required a comprehensive electronic monitoring, scheduling and rostering system to better manage the delivery of home care and support to service users.

Marie Oxley, Team Manager of the Council’s Community Support Team was seeking a complete, end-to-end home care management solution.

“We were looking for a new IT solution that included more advanced and comprehensive functionality for both management, support workers and our clients,” said Marie.

 iCareHealth’s Home Care Management: A solution for all 

North Lincolnshire Council’s decision to implement iCareHealth software involved contributions from the whole team – senior management, IT, administration, as well as from the coordinators and support workers. In fact, following a series of interactions with the software, the final decision to choose iCareHealth’s Home Care Management solution was largely made by the coordination team and support workers themselves, which clearly demonstrated the Council’s leading approach to change management.

“We know the best advocates for the Council are the support workers out there on the front line, so it is essential that they were involved in the process from the beginning,” said Marie. “We really wanted all staff to actively participate in the discussions and demonstrations to ensure the new system was one that everyone would be happy to use.”

“As a team, we compared the features of the software and reviewed this against the budget that was available to us, and we all agreed … iCareHealth offered the most cost-effective solution and could deliver us the best result,” said Marie.

By May 2013, North Lincolnshire Council was live with iCareHealth’s Business Manager and Mobile Care Worker software after a successful training and implementation period that, in Marie’s words, “was very straightforward.”

“iCareHealth’s implementation and training consultants provided consistent communication and first-hand knowledge to the Council’s project team and stakeholders,” said Marie.

For those staff with only the most basic computer skills, iCareHealth helped develop their competency, prior to training. While staff members with higher levels of computer literacy were involved in the popular ‘Train the Trainer’ program, which equipped them with the necessary skills to deliver training to the rest of the team.

“Everyone – even those people who don’t like new technology – believes it is a brilliant system,” said Marie. “The applications are so easy to use and everything has been running very smoothly.”

As at June 2013, over 80 staff members at North Lincolnshire had already incorporated Business Manager and Mobile Care Worker software into their daily workflows.

Using iCareHealth software to save time and improve productivity

With the help of iCareHealth’s integrated software, Marie and her team have saved a significant amount of time on a range of administration processes and tasks.

“Since we have been using iCareHealth software, all our staff have commented on how much time they are saving on programming and the allocation of visits,” said Marie. “Weekly programming that used to take us a matter of hours to complete, now only takes us a matter of minutes.”

With the help of Business Manager, the coordinators can also access detailed, historical information about each service user and support worker – all from a single location. Coordinators have the information at their fingertips to be able to allocate the most appropriate support workers to service users based on factors such as the staff availability, location, travel requirements, continuity of care, experience, qualifications, skills, and the individual care needs of the service user.

Using iCareHealth software for greater visibility and reporting

Through the monitoring features of iCareHealth software, the Council’s support workers can start a visit, record the details and outcomes of that visit, and then end the visit – all by using their personal mobile device.

The visit information is immediately captured in Business Manager, providing Marie and her team with access to comprehensive visit information in real-time.

“With Mobile Care Worker, we can monitor our support workers and see where they are, what they’re doing and track their progress, at any given time,” said Marie.

“Initially, many of our support workers were not comfortable with the idea of the heightened visibility and at first, many didn’t want their own mobile phones in the field. But now they understand the benefits of the technology, and have experienced how it can positively impact their day-to-day work, they love it and don’t know how they ever lived without it!” – Marie Oxley, Team Manager.

Along with greater visibility, Business Manager has given North Lincolnshire Council access to a wide range of unified reporting tools that allows management to generate customised reports, specific to their needs.

“Already, there has been huge cost savings in terms of how much time the software has saved us, and how it has allowed us to make better use of the resources we have,” said Marie. “However, the powerful reporting features that allow us to review our performance in-depth and use (the information) for better decision making is where the return on investment is for us,” said Marie.

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