Mobile Point of Care

With iCareHealth’s new Mobile Point of Care, resident rounds are made simpler to manage, more accurate and more person-centred. Using a smartphone or tablet our Mobile Point of Care App enables you to record notes, daily tasks and resident well-being during nursing rounds and at point of care.

Why Mobile Point of Care; Problems faced by Care Homes

• Staff spend too much time hand writing and typing up notes later.
• Residents feel that the care they receive is rushed and, therefore, spent writing down notes.
• Staff feel under pressure to capture as much as they can in as little time as possible.
• Care workers double up on care delivery causing confusion for the resident and, as a result of this, causes unnecessary extra effort for my staff.
• I’ve had instances where notes have been lost and inaccurate data recording can negatively affect our CQC rating.
• Staff leave because there is so much pressure to provide accurate and up to date progress notes and they, quite simply, just don’t have time to do it.

How iCareHealth’s Mobile Point of Care solves the problems

Accurate and real-time data capture enables care workers to spend more time with service users delivering actual care. This means service users feel treated more like a person and the stresses of delivering care are greatly reduced. Managers and users of the back office systems will have real time access to the point of care data as its written. They can act upon any issues raised much more quickly and effectively.

Risks of lost paperwork or duplication is eliminated through electronic data capture of progress notes and activities of daily living. Where care workers feel they are delivering more effective and meaningful care, they will feel far happier in their jobs. As a result of this, residents will receive increased quality of care. Ultimately these improvements in care quality, data capture and staff satisfaction all contribute towards increased levels of CQC ratings.

Features and Benefits

• End-to-end digital care record. This Eliminates data duplication and, furthermore, ensures that up to date care information is readily available at the point of care.
• Simple recording of visit progress notes and ADL task completion. Free text progress notes can easily be recorded against a resident’s record. This will be readily available for anyone else delivering care. Tasks are summarised as detailed progress notes, hence outlining information such as fluid intake.
• Real Time Updates. Colleagues and managers can be sure that the data in the back office system is up to date at the time the care is delivered.
• Clear Reminders at the point of care. First of all, care workers are clearly alerted to any residents with out-of-date progress notes and, therefore, can act accordingly to ensure the right care takes place at the right time.
• Improved quality of care contact time. It is important to record accurate data at the point of care, using simple graphical prompts and text entry means that Care Workers are free to provide better quality of care and spend more time with residents. All of this adds up towards increased CQC ratings.

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