Phil Burgan, CEO of Maria Mallaband is optimistic about the future.  In his recent interview with Care Home Professional, Burgan explains how technology and data is an important factor in the growth of the Maria Mallaband Group.

We are rolling out a programme of using hand held iCareHealth mobile devices for producing care plans and monitoring medicine supplies to our service users. We are very pleased with the progress of that. It saves time with keeping care plans up to date and reduces medicine errors. Technology will definitely have an increasing role in the future.

— Phil Burgan


By profession Burgan is a pharmacist. He started a chain of pharmacies in the mid 80s and by the mid 90s he owned 38 pharmacies within a 50 mile radius of Leeds. His company supplied monitored dosing systems to about 50 care homes and were a pioneer in that era. Burgan sold his pharmacy business and founded Maria Mallaband Care Group (named after his late grandmother) in 1996. Since then he’s expanded organically and through acquisition and gained a reputation for providing superb quality care homes and services.

iCareHealth is proud to support Maria Mallaband with Care Planning and Medication Management solutions that enable better care at the point of care. Staff have the right information they need about each resident and are able to evidence outstanding and more person centred care. Organisations no matter what size, benefit from the transparency they have over their business and compliance management.  Technologies also improve the lives of the care staff, who can spend more time caring and less time completing paperwork.

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THE BIG INTERVIEW: Phil Burgan, CEO of Maria Mallaband