There has been a lot of talk lately about digitising your Care Home. However, it bodes the question; how far can it go? What will our Care Homes look like in the future? Although this is a mystery to us all, we can pull together the very best of the innovative changes we are currently seeing emerge to paint a picture of what is to come.

Although many Care Homes have already started to move from their old paper based systems to software solutions, there is still a large proportion of the industry working on paper. With increased pressures on care providers to have an electronic care record, it would seem this will be the first substantial change we will see within the industry.

Moving to Electronic Care Records is becoming more popular to increase evidencing of care and to remain compliant. However, with technology developing at a rapid pace it will be interesting to see how it can be used to enhance the lives of our residents rather than just being used for documentation purposes.

A perfect example of this would be the introduction of Magic Tables. First developed in the Netherlands, Magic Tables have shone a light on enhancing the lives of Dementia patients. These tables provide residents with an interactive surface where they can engage with various images projected on to the table top.

The success of the magic tables is the way it is designed. Its purpose is to enhance the mental, physical and social capacity of residents in a way that invites interaction, thus being intuitive to use and doesn’t require initiative to use. Magic tables are relatively new to the UK, but have already seen a fantastic reception.

Another fantastic example of forward thinking is the use of Virtual Reality or ‘VR’ headsets. They provide a fully immersive experience for Care Home residents to visit a location they haven’t been to in years, if at all! Due to the nature of the technology, a resident can be transported to virtually any location or event around the world. For example, they have been used in care homes to recreate the Queen’s coronation, transporting a resident from their bedroom to a street party in the 1950’s.

Numerous Care Homes have started incorporating VR headsets into their regular activities provide residents with a reminiscent experience. They reception so far has been excellent, with more and more care homes investing in this new technology to enhance their residents lives.

Another revolutionary development in the care sector is data. Although it may not seem too glamorous at face value, it is revolutionising the way we deliver care. Historically the provision of care has been very reactive. The development of Prescriptive Analytics is now changing the way we look at data. By using an analytics tool you have the visibility to predict falls from various data points gathered from a moving and handling assessment for example, therefore giving us the opportunity to take preventative measures before they happen. Various analytics tools are now allowing care providers to provide preemptive care. The power of data is really falling into the limelight at the moment and it will be changing the way we run Care Homes in the future.

So the question remains; what will the care home of the future look like? The short answer; we don’t know yet. However, the changes we are seeing in the industry are great steps in the right direction, and they are here to stay. The point here is that technology really knows no bounds. The development of new technology in the industry has been rapid in recent years and there is no indication to suggest this is going to slow down. This is a really exciting time for the social care sector and we cant wait to see what is next in store.

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