“What stood out most about the software was that not only did it meet all of our technical specifications, but it was also unanimously marked the highest by our panel of users for being intuitive, easy to use and having user-friendly interfaces” – Ian Foggon, Director of IT.

Challenges before iCarehealth

Founded in 1986, Agincare has grown to become one of the largest independent providers of care across the UK. For over 20 years, the family-owned and operated organisation has specialised in care homes, dementia care, live-in care, extra care and domiciliary care.

Today, Agincare is a team of almost 2000 care workers who deliver care and support services that enable people to maintain independence in their own communities for as long as possible. This equates to over 35,000 separate scheduled visits each week, which have to be coordinated and delivered each week. Understandably, providing domiciliary care on such a large scale requires Agincare to facilitate operations as efficiently as possible.

However, prior to partnering with iCareHealth, Agincare was experiencing inefficiencies that were compounding due to the limitations of an outdated and insufficient domiciliary care software system. The organisation recognised that these limitations needed to be addressed urgently in order to increase efficiencies and achieve greater success.

Agincare’s Director of Information Technology, Ian Foggon, was tasked with procuring a suitable replacement system that would enable the business to more effectively manage and execute core processes.

“The previous system offered no functional integration or centralisation,” Ian explained. “The way information was being stored, shared and used had become clearly inadequate for the size of our business and operation.”

“We required a complete solution that gave us the capability to centralise the information in our databases and offer role-based security; provide flexible pay and invoicing capabilities; interface with electronic call monitoring; as well as assist with the monitoring of compliance and effective service delivery,” he said.

iCareHealth’s Business Manager software: Ahead of the curve

Ian explained that the decision to partner with iCareHealth was based on a series of factors that included software capabilities, user-friendliness, and the professional people behind the technology.

“What stood out most about Business Manager software was that it met all of our technical specifications, and was also unanimously marked the highest by our panel of users for being intuitive, easy to use and having user-friendly interfaces,” Ian said.

“As we compared the offerings of various suppliers in the market, we also paid close attention to how each potential supplier interacted with us, and other key factors such as their attitude to support and implementation,” he said.

“Having dealt with software companies for many years, I knew it was of overriding importance for us to establish a positive, mutually beneficial relationship with the supplier that we would be partnering with from the start of the project. I am pleased to say that the relationship started as such, and has remained.”

How Agincare is using Business Manager to achieve real results

“Business Manager has enabled us to calculate mileage accurately and automatically to two decimal places … this has translated to a significant reduction in the administrative costs associated with mileage.” – Ian Foggon, Director of IT.

Reduction in administration for mileage costs

On any given day, Agincare can typically have hundreds of care workers on the road visiting service users. Prior to using Business Manager software each of these care workers would have to estimate the distances travelled and coordinators would have to manually enter this information into the system – a very time-consuming and costly process.

With the help of Business Manager, the manual processes associated with calculating staff mileage and auditing mileage claims were eliminated, which had an immediate impact on the organisation’s bottom line.

“From the moment we switched on the travel and mileage features within Business Manager, we saw significant results within two weeks,” Ian said.

“Previously, our care workers were estimating the mileage between each visit and these estimates tended to be whole numbers,” he said. “Business Manager enabled us to calculate mileage accurately and automatically to two decimal places, helping us to ensure that the carers are paid fairly for their mileages and eliminate tedious data entry and auditing.”

“This has translated to a significant reduction in the administrative costs associated with mileage.”

Reduction in payroll and invoicing administration

Business Manager has also simplified the administration associated with invoicing and payroll, which has increased efficiencies and staff productivity.

“Business Manager has provided much greater flexibility for our business in terms of allowing us to automatically pay our care workers differently, depending on what kind of work they are doing, and when and where they might be working,” Ian said.

“With the ability to coordinate pay and invoicing so efficiently now, we have been able to reduce the time spent on manual administration associated with invoicing and payroll, by about 50 percent,” he said.

Streamlined management of information

Ian also highlighted that Business Manager had given them the necessary tools to be able to securely store complete records for all care workers and services users, within a single, centralised system.

“By centralising all care worker and service users’ information, our coordinators can easily determine if there are enough care workers for service users, and ensure care workers are where they need to be to provide the care,” Ian said. Overall, this has helped Agincare to deliver consistent, high quality care, and drives improved outcomes for each service user.

“At a head office level, Business Manager provides improved visibility by giving senior managers real-time, online access to the metrics generated by the system,” he said.

Ian acknowledged the continued impressive results that Agincare had achieved since the implementation of Business Manager, and attributed the success to a combination of factors.

“Business Manager software has both the scale and functionality to meet our needs as an organisation,” Ian said.

“We are also pleased that extra functionality – based on user feedback – is being added each year, which continues to ensure that the system remains fit for purpose as the demands of the care sector develop,” he said. “The relationship Agincare has developed with iCareHealth throughout the journey has been a large part of this success.”

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