Advinia’s Chairman and co-founder Dr Sanjeev Kanoria recently spoke with Care Home Professional about the history and story of Advinia Healthcare, now amongst the top 20 largest UK care providers.

Advinia’s journey started when Sanjeev and his wife Sangita acquired their first home in North London. From then, they started acquiring individual homes which were struggling due to mounting pressures from the regulators. Following this process, they grew their organisation to 500 beds and then 3,500, following the acquisition of some homes previously operated by Bupa.

When Sanjeev took over the Bupa homes, he soon found they were using far too many different types of software which weren’t working as efficiently as they could and so began the journey to simplify by adopting fewer, more robust systems. During the transition, Advinia came onboard with iCareHealth’s iCareMeds system, a robust, end-to-end medication management solution.

“Bupa had very complicated IT systems. You do not need complicated systems. You need essential care software and good quality accounting, HR, and training software. If these are talking effectively to each other you can run the business very well. Bupa had 50-60 pieces of software. People were having to move away from care to take care of admin.”- Dr Sanjeev Kanoria

Dr Sanjeev Kanoria

iCareHealth’s iCareMeds system was implemented across Advinia’s 500 existing beds, and the team and are currently in the process of rolling the system out across their new acquired sites. Here at iCareHealth, we look forward to building on our strong relationship and look forward to continuing our partnership as the Advinia team continue to move towards their vision of operating up to 8,00-10,000 beds.