The NICE Quality Standard on Managing Medicines in Care Homes was published in March 2015. A NICE Quality Standard is a concise set of statements designed to drive and measure improvements in quality. They are based on national guidelines (including NICE guidelines which consist of around 90 recommendations) and can be used to review services, highlight areas where quality needs to be improved and offer suggestions as to how this can be achieved.

This quality standard covers the prescribing, handling and administering of medicines for all people (including children and young people) living in care homes, and the provision of care or services relating to medicines in care homes. We have a blog post that gives a closer look at understanding electronic medication management.

This slideshow aims to help understand:

  • The roles and accountability for improving quality of care
  • The importance of the NICE Quality Standards for managing medicines
  • How the NICE Quality Standards can be used to improve standards of care
  • What resources are available to support a care home