Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock, has announced a £240 million cash injection to help the NHS this Winter.

The money will be used to help the older generation stay out of hospital over the winter months and for those already admitted, allow them to leave hospital as soon as they can, meaning many patients suffering with Dementia will be at home rather than on a hospital ward over Christmas.

“We will use this money to get people who don’t need to be in hospital, but do need care, back home, back into their communities.”

-Matthew Hancock

The Government recognising this underlying problem in the recurring winter health crisis is an important step in bridging the funding gap that exists in the social care sector.

Alongside this, the Secretary for Health and Social Care has also hinted at funding a new solution for the social care sector with an auto-enrolment system.

“Until now, people have argued in the social care system that the fact that no one knows what it looks like is a big problem. But at the same time, if we end up in a system where people have that package and have provided for that package preferably over their lifetime so that they spread the cost of it, then it becomes much more automatic.”


“That is why I think auto-enrolment is such an important thing to look at.”

-Matthew Hancock


This all seems to hint at the publication of the long-awaited green paper on adult social care for older people which was delayed from Summer 2017 to Autumn 2018.