Our Company Values

iCareHealth’s core values reflect a philosophy of creating an honest, consistent and transparent company that provides a quality experience for both clients and employees.


iCareHealth plays a major role in helping social care providers take advantage of technology advancements so in turn, they can provide the highest quality care services. But that’s just the beginning – there’s so much more to know about us.

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Improving People’s Lives

We believe that every person is entitled to receive safe, high quality social care services, delivered in compassionate and considerate ways. For this reason, we recognise that the services provided by the social care sector are irreplaceable, and the people who provide that care deserve support, recognition and above all, our deepest gratitude.

The challenge for care organisations and care workers is that the social care sector has become progressively complex over the years. The needs of those people being cared for are becoming more intricate and diverse. As a result, social care providers are under increasing pressure to continue offering the highest level of care.

More than a decade ago, the founders of iCareHealth realised there was an opportunity to help with the uptake of technology in the social care sector, to help social care providers enhance the care they deliver to people and to make it easier for those teams working on the floor to deliver a great experience. For over ten years, iCareHealth has committed to developing technology solutions, that enable nursing and care staff to deliver improved quality of care, by taking away time consuming administrative tasks.  Our solutions allow staff to focus on providing care and at the same time allowing them to proactively manage CQC compliance.

With our leading position in the market, we are able to continue to focus on what we do best. That is, invest in technology innovation that will support the changing needs of organisations delivering social care.