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iCareHealth's solutions are tailored by sector type and are exclusively for social care organisations specialising in care homes, supporting people, mental health, learning disability and home care.

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iCareHealth delivers comprehensive, robust and innovative software designed to help social care organisations enhance the delivery of their care services.

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News release: Innovative new Learning Management software with eLearning cuts the cost of training in the care sector

| 13 Jul 2016

iCareHealth’s new Electronic Medication Management software features an inbuilt eLearning module, designed to reduce the costs of staff training in the care industry.

The unique eLearning software gives staff access to resources that help them develop and practice the skills and activities that form a core part of their duties. Training costs are reduced since there is no need to schedule training events, minimal time is required away from the workplace and travel costs and expenses are cut.

As Rohan Vendy, CEO at iCareHealth, explains – “Every time a new process is put in place or changed, training needs to happen. Yet upskilling staff in new processes, policies and technologies is expensive and hard to manage.”

For managers, the application provides intuitive workflows in which they can see at a glance the progress each individual is making. Evidence of compliance or training competency can be easily obtained, while for staff the elimination of manual timesheets and streamlining of the payment process is a welcome boon.

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Councils must play a more pivotal role in health and care integration

| 06 Jul 2016

The number of people in the UK with complex needs who require both health and social care is increasing rapidly. In the south-east of England, for example, our population of over 75-year-olds (already the largest in England) is expected to nearly double to 1.5m in the next 20 years.

Health and social care provision looks increasingly unsustainable financially and local government fears the sustainability and transformation plan (STP) process won’t solve the problem.

The present system, with health services delivered by the NHS and social care by local authorities each working separately and meeting different pressures, can lead to inefficiency, delays, duplication and gaps in care.

Real integration of health and care services holds the promise of providing seamless care, tailored to the individual’s needs and focused on outcomes rather than the workforce, organisational structures or the setting in which care is delivered. It allows patients to choose and control what care they receive, where and by whom it is provided by and places more emphasis on prevention. Integration has the potential to realise cost savings and dramatically improve the quality of care.

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Marches Care customises their Care Home and Meds Management solutions, around the way they run their business. Watch the Video.

| 06 Jul 2016

Marches Care provides nursing and dementia care for up to 81 individuals in the historic town of Shrewsbury.  Their goals in implementing new software solutions were to achieve greater visibility and better reporting of day to day care activities, increase capacity to manage compliance requirements and enhance the quality of their person centred care.

“We had been looking at digital solutions for about 5 years.  We tried two different companies and both of them were unsuccessful because we were having to fit in to their way of doing things.  With iCareHealth solutions, its very malleable.  We can personalise it not just to the residents requirements, but to the company and the way we work.”

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